Well of Knowledge

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Almost immediately after entering the Well map, you'll witness a Banite patrol preparing to attack a Black Circle patrol (#1). You'll have four options for how to deal with the situation. You can attack the Banite patrol (five Swashbucklers and two Banite Priests), you can attack the Black Circle patrol (five BC Veterans and two BC Necromancers), you can attack both patrols at once (they'll work together against you), or you can "duck" and only attack the survivors of the battle (half of one of the patrols). If you decide to attack one of the patrols, then immediately afterwards you'll get ambushed by the other patrol.

Regardless of the option you choose, at the end of the battle(s), you'll find Banded Mail +2, a Long Sword +2, a Mace +2, Plate Mail +2, two Shields +2, a Necklace of Missiles, a Wand of Ice Storm, and more. You'll also hear the dying words of a Banite Priest. He'll mention a treasure to the north (the dusty bier in the Ruins), and he'll tell you Journal Entry 22. This dialogue will let you know that the Black Circle is trying to capture the Well for some reason.

To clear the Well, you'll have to fight three more battles:
  • Eight Red Hatchlings (#2). Hatchlings aren't as tough as regular dragons, but they're fast, they can breathe fire, and they can attack three times per round. Don't underestimate them; they won't do a lot of damage per attack, but they'll attack a lot, and they can whittle down the health of a character quickly.

  • Three Red Dragons (#3). For Red Dragons, you'll have to worry much more about their breath attacks. So try to keep your party spaced out, use the Resist Fire cleric spell or a Scroll of Protection from Dragon Breath on characters who need it, and blow through your spells to kill them as quickly as possible.

  • Ancient Dragon (#4). You'll just have to face one dragon in this final battle, but its breath attacks can kill players outright, and so you'll need to be careful -- or lucky! Put one melee character on each side of the dragon, and move your spellcasters a good distance away so they're out of range of the dragon's breath but can still cast spells on it. You might also need fire protection in this battle just like in the previous one. After the battle, you'll find Bracers of AC 4, a Composite Long Bow +2, a Potion of Speed, 2000 gold, 1000 platinum, 100 gems, and 6 pieces of jewelry.
With the dragons out of the way, the Well of Knowledge will be free again, and all of the Banite and Black Circle patrols will vanish, which will allow you to camp and move around freely in the area. You'll also now be able to spend gems at the Well to receive hints about what to do next, and you'll be able to use the 16 portals surrounding the Well (Exits A-P) -- but only once you've visited the portal on the other side. The Well will also inform you that the Black Circle is trying to awaken a Dreadlord, "an evil of incalculable power." This conversation is detailed in Journal Entry 25.

If you spend 100 gems to receive a hint from the Well at this point, then it will tell you Journal Entries 1 and 19. That is, you'll learn from the Well that a dragon in the southwestern part of the Ruins has something called the Amulet of Eldamar, and that you'll need it in order to defeat the Black Circle. So if you haven't acquired the amulet yet, you should head into the Ruins to get it.

1 - Banite-Black Circle Battle

This battle will take place in one of eight spots (the first one you visit).

2 - Red Hatchlings

This battle will take place in one of four spots (the first one you visit).

3 - Red Dragons

This battle will take place in one of four spots (the first one you visit).

4 - Well of Knowledge / Ancient Dragon

After defeating the dragons guarding the Well, you'll be able to spend 100 gems at it to receive hints about the campaign, including receiving Journal Entries 1, 19, and 71.

  1. Portal to Mayor Priam's house in New Verdigris.
  2. Portal to the Temple of Tyr.
  3. Portal to the Ruins (south).
  4. Portal to the inner sanctum of the Black Circle Headquarters.
  5. Portal to Castle Level 3 (east).
  6. Portal to the Ruins (north).
  7. Portal to Dungeon Level 8.
  8. Portal to the Western Crevasses (west).
  9. Portal to Dungeon Level 4.
  10. Portal to the Eastern Crevasses.
  11. Portal to Castle Level 1.
  12. Portal to Dungeon Level 2.
  13. Portal to the Western Crevasses (east).
  14. Portal to Dungeon Level 10.
  15. Portal to Castle Level 3 (west).
  16. Portal to the Commander of the Guard's chamber in the Black Circle Headquarters.
  17. Exit to the Ruins.