The Empty Battlefield
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The Empty Battlefield
1 - Gypsy Camp

The Kinthalis sisters are shopkeepers.

2 - Hermit's Grove

The grove is a small area where you'll find a hermit who tends bees. When you talk to the hermit, it should be clear that there is something wrong with him, and when you go into his house, you should quickly figure out that his honey is the problem. If you have Kaidala with you, then she'll automatically convince the hermit of this; otherwise, you'll have to convince him yourself.

The hermit should then tell you that the bee hive on the left is new, and when you go outside to check it, you should find a poison blade inside. When you show the blade to the hermit, he'll be cured, and you'll receive 1000 experience plus a pot of honey. You'll also be allowed to keep the blade.

Note: Before you cure the hermit, if you ask him what scares him, he'll tell you that he doesn't like to go to the keep any more, and so he needs someone to sell his honey for him. If you offer to find him somebody, then you'll gain 300 experience. If you instead ask for a finder's fee, then you'll gain 200 experience and 100 gold. So far as I've found, there isn't really a quest for this, and there isn't anybody you can ask to help the hermit.

Another note: If you cure the hermit, he'll be able to heal you for free.

Yet another note: If you take the poison blade to Garrot Fist in the Silver Lily (in North Cyan), he'll offer you yawning boots in trade, and you'll also receive 250 experience.

3 - Graveyard

The graveyard is a small area with four things of interest: some ivy with a cori's bloom flower inside, a danberry shrub with a danberry inside, and empty headstones for Cori and Daniel. If you place the cori's bloom flower into Cori's headstone, then you'll receive Cori's Cloak. If you place the danberry into Daniel's headstone, then you'll receive Dan's Helm.

Note: It's probably not a coincidence that the module authors are named Dan Whiteside and Cori May.

The crypt in the graveyard can't be entered.


A. Front gate to the Keep of Cyan.

B. Path to the Emerald Hills.