South Cyan
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South Cyan
1 - Mossy Tree

Mr. Mossy is the tavern keeper. For 15 gold he'll rent you a room on the second floor, where you can rest. Mossy can also give you some background information on Gelani Jathorn, the former merchant guildmaster.

Speaking of Gelani, you can also find her in the tavern. To find out how to put her back in power (and thus get her vote), see the Merchant Guild entry in the Election section.

Finally, you can find Sir Curtis the Bard in the tavern. He'll sing three songs for you (the third is a reference to Deekin from the official expansion packs), but he won't do anything interesting, so it doesn't matter how you respond to his songs.

2 - Tarnished Tankard

Inside the tavern you'll find Thaddeus Squilt, the merchant guildmaster. If you ask him about the election, he might try to get you to kill a man named Typhus Sigerlin. You'll need to kill Typhus to get Thaddeus' vote (see the Merchant Guild entry in the Election section for details), but whether you kill him or let Thaddeus' goons kill him, you'll find chainmail and a longsword +1 on his corpse.

Also, if you buy drinks from Thaddeus, he'll tell you some rumors, including that somebody recently stole magic boots from The Stan. However, these tips don't seem to add anything to the module.

If you have Trip with you, then he'll steal an amulet of natural armor +2 from Thaddeus, and he'll give it to you after you've left the tavern.

3 - Pawnshop

Inside you'll find "Southpaw" Sebastion Fitch, a shopkeeper and the master of the thief guild. If you're a rogue, he'll offer to let you into his guild, but to get in you'll have to complete a quest that is also required to earn his vote, and so it is covered in the Thief Guild entry in the Election section.

4 - Assassination Attempts

Once you've earned more votes than Sir Becket, assassins will appear in this area twice to try and kill you. On the second attempt, one of the assassins will drop an assassination note. If you have this note and the note paper from Sir Becket's mansion, then you can talk to Enivid after the election and get Sir Becket arrested.

5 - Quartermaster's Store

In this store you'll find Levio'Sa, the forester guildmaster. For information on how to get her vote, see the Forester Guild entry in the Election section.

6 - Blacksmith's Shop

This shop seems to have the best prices in the module.

7 - Market Square

Here you can find two people of interest: Momma Dane and Alias. Momma Dane can keep you updated on the election, and Alias can escort you to various places outside the keep.


A. Gate to North Cyan.

B. Gate to the Empty Battlefield.