Manticore Caves
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Manticore Caves
Area Note

Whatever you do, don't kill the blink dogs in the caves. If you do, then all of the innocent creatures in the module will attack you, including the guildmasters of the keep, and you'll lose just as soon as one dies.

1 - Goblin

When you enter the caves, you'll almost immediately encounter a goblin, who can tell you a little about the manticore. If you're feeling nice, you can convince the goblin to give you a poison crystal (worth 100 experience) before letting it go. If you're not feeling nice, you can kill the goblin for the crystal (worth about 75 experience), and also pick up a psionic gem, which you can use to speak briefly to the Masked Man.

2 - Sarcophagi

Each sarcophagus contains a poison crystal, but when you open it a specter will appear.

3 - Trap Room

If you want to kill the manticore without damaging its hide, you'll first have to put a poison crystal (found at #2) into each of the two "crystal crushing barrels" in the room. Then you'll need to attract the attention of the manticore (#4), and run towards the western door of the trap room. The timing should work out so that you can pull the lever to close the doors while the manticore is still in the room. Then the poison trap will kill the manticore, and you'll receive 500 experience plus a manticore hide. If the timing doesn't work out, or if for some reason the trap doesn't go off, just keep trying. Both doors to the trap room have levers, and eventually the manticore should be caught inside and killed.

Note: Trapping the manticore is easiest if you tell your henchmen to stand their ground somewhere out of the way (such as near the exit).

4 - Manticore

The manticore is you target in the caves. If you can kill it then you'll complete Levio'Sa's quest.


A. Exit back to the Emerald Hills.