Merchant Guild
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Thaddeus Squilt is the merchant guildmaster. You can find him in the Tarnished Tankard in South Cyan.

If you ask Thaddeus about the election, he'll ask you to kill a man named Typhus Sigerlin. If you do that (worth 100 experience and 100 gold) and then offer to give Thaddeus the money back, then Thaddeus will begin to think you're malleable enough to be worth voting for, and he'll ask you to kill the previous guildmaster, Gelani Jathorn.

You'll find Gelani in the Mossy Tree tavern in South Cyan. You'll have three ways of luring her out of the tavern, but pick the third way -- "a halfling has been hurt and is asking for you by name" -- or else Gelani will take some guards with her, and you'll lose the module as soon as one of the guards dies. Once you've killed Gelani and returned to Thaddeus, you'll receive 1000 experience and 100 gold, and Thaddeus will agree to vote for you.

Note: Agreeing to kill Gelani is worth 200 experience, and it will also make you more evil and chaotic. But there is an error in the dialogue tree, and so you can agree to kill Gelani as many times as you'd like, and continue to reap the benefits.

Another Note: Speaking of broken dialogue trees, if you have Jaboli with you, then Thaddeus will never ask you to kill Gelani, and so you won't be able to get his vote.

If you're feeling less evil, instead of dealing with Thaddeus, you can convince Gelani to take back her position in the guild (it doesn't take very much persuasion), and then she'll vote for you. You'll receive 1000 experience for this method, as well.