Military Guild
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Feran Fairhand is the military guildmaster. During the day, you can find him in his office in the Guildhall in North Cyan. At night, you can find him in the Mossy Tree tavern in South Cyan.

There are two ways to get Feran to vote for you, and they're related. To start out, you'll have to buy the Haunted Mansion from Serah Blackhand after you've completed her goblin quest. While you're there you should learn that Sir Becket is having an affair with Ellysia's maid. Then if you visit Feran in the Mossy Tree and ply him with drinks, you'll learn that he's in love with Ellysia, and that he's the one responsible for Rehan's (Ellysia's sister's) death.

If you're evil, then you can use what you've learned to blackmail Feran into voting for you. This is worth 1000 experience and perhaps 500 gold.

If you're good, then you can tell Ellysia about Becket's affair but also let her know that Feran still loves her. She'll take Feran back, and Feran will be so happy that he'll decide to vote for you. You'll also earn 1000 experience and 500 gold, and your alignment will shift 15 points toward good.