North Cyan
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North Cyan
Area Note

When you appear in the keep for the first time, you'll get a description of what you'll need to do during the bulk of the module. That is, you'll learn that the lord of the keep disappeared some time ago, and that now the people of the keep are ready to choose a new one.

Before your arrival, there were two candidates to become lord (or lady) of the keep -- the evil and devious Sir Becket and the pure but unbendable Enivid Divine. Since you're an obvious hero, you're quickly nominated as well, and so you'll have to spend your time convincing the nine guildmasters of the keep to vote for you in the election. The election process is covered in the Overview entry in the Election section.

At the end of the cut-scene you'll meet Alias. Alias is a scout, and she'll be able to take you to several places inside and outside the castle. She is, in effect, the teleportation system in the module. Alias will also tell you when the election is about to take place. To see ways to avoid this sort of announcement, read the Alias entry in the Other Topics section.

Finally, Alias will suggest that you go on a quest for her aunt Serah, who is the landowner guildmaster. It's a good idea to do the quest -- if nothing else it will grant you Serah's vote -- but it's better to go and see Serah about the quest first. If you do the quest before talking to Serah, then Serah might not recognize that you've completed it (see the Bugs entry in the Other Topics section for a way to fix this).

1 - Guildhall

The Guildhall is where all of the guilds have their offices. However, most of the guildmasters don't use their offices and can be found elsewhere. Inside the building you can meet:

Feran Fairhand (western office). He's the military guildmaster. To see how to gain his vote, read the Military Guild entry in the Election section. If you're a fighter or a paladin, then Feran will allow you to enter the military guild, which will give you a 10% discount when you shop at the blacksmith's shop in South Cyan. If you don't see Feran it's probably because it's nighttime and he's at the Mossy Tree tavern (in South Cyan).

The Stan (southwestern office). The Stan is the trade guildmaster. He'll have three jobs for you, and completing any one of them will convince him to vote for you. See the Trade Guild entry in the Election section for details on the three jobs.

Serah Blackhand (southeastern office). She's the landowner guildmaster and Alias' aunt. To see how to gain her vote, read the Landowner Guild entry in the Election section. After you've gained her vote, she might tell you about a haunted house for sale. The house is well worth the 2000 gold she'll charge, and even Jaboli will recommend you buy it (possibly even before you've heard about it) if she's in your party.

Also, in the mage's guild office, you should find a large mirror. You can use the mirror to instantly travel to the mage's tower (#3) and bypass the front door of the Guildhall.

2 - Prison

See the Cyan Prison section for details.

3 - Mage Tower

Yenna is the mage guildmaster. If you talk to her, she'll immediately agree to vote for you in the upcoming election. She'll also suggest that there is something not quite right about you, and she'll tell you to seek out more information from Garrot Fist at the Silver Lily (#5).

The mirror in the back of the tower is a teleporter. It will take you to the mage's guild office in the Guildhall (#1). Using the mirror allows you to avoid the front door of the hall, and thus avoid having Alias come up and tell you that the election is about to start.

Finally, if you have Trip with you, then he'll steal a set of bracers of limited functionality from Yenna. The bracers aren't very good, but they can sell for over 7000 gold.

4 - Temple of the Nine Gods

There are three people of interest in the temple: Rafael Leonallomen (in the northeastern room), Dynschall LaVelisi (in the eastern room), and Lavos Gallian (in the southeastern room). Together they decide on matters for the priest guild. See the Priest Guild entry in the Election section for details on how to get them to vote for you.

Additionally, Rafael is the temple merchant, and he holds a lucky coin. If you see him after being named lord, then he'll give you the coin, which will allow you to cast timestop. Dynschall is the head priest of the temple, and he'll heal you for 20 gold. Lavos serves Mistress Death. If you talk to her, she'll let you know that it was her god who brought you back to life.

There are also nine shrines in the temple, one for each of the nine gods. After you've told Dynschall which god you follow, then donating gold at the shrine of your god will give you a temporary buff, and it might also move your alignment towards that of the god. Nothing seems to happen if you pray at a shrine.

Here are the shrines and their buffs.

Callahi: dexterity increased
Churl: strength increased, temporary hit points
Jaess: damage reduction
Mistress Death: death armor (but only if you have turn undead?)
Pharos: strength increased
Rictos: spell level absorption
Suhili: constitution increased
Tamose: charisma increased
Veragok: concealed, invisible

5 - The Silver Lily

The Silver Lily is an inn, and Garrot Fist is the innkeeper. For 20-30 gold, you can rent a room on the second floor and then use the second floor to rest.

If you've spoken to Yenna in the Mage Tower (#3), then Garrot might tell you about a lady who rented a room from him a while back, and who called to you to "follow the rumors, come north." After the conversation with Garrot, your weapon will let you know that the woman is related to you, and that she loves you "in her own way."

6 - Haunted Mansion

To get into the Haunted Mansion, you'll need to buy the key from Serah Blackhand (in her office in #1).

Once inside the mansion, you'll meet the butler, Reginald "Lampy" Endros. He'll follow you around, and, if you ask, he'll tell you how the former mistress of the mansion, Lady Rehan (Ellysia Silvertongue's younger sister), killed herself a year ago and now haunts the mansion.

You'll have to kill some spirits in the house, including a suit of armor that can almost single-handedly equip Calibast, but eventually you should run into Lady Rehan. Notice how she says, "...neraF..." as she passes. That's a reference to Feran Fairhand (in his office in #1).

There are two more things of interest in the mansion. In a cabinet in the back room, you can pick up a magic bag and a belt of agility +1. Also, next to the back room, you can find a grate that leads to Silvertongue Manor. If you go through the grate, you'll find yourself in a short tunnel with another grate at the end. If you click on this second grate you'll learn that Sir Becket is having an affair with Ellysia Silvertongue's maid. You can also grab Becket's Ring from the grate, provided you have enough dexterity. You can use this information to convince Ellysia (who is the noble guildmaster) to vote for you instead of Sir Becket (and gain 1000 experience), or to blackmail Sir Becket for 500-2000 gold (and gain 500 experience). If you're persuasive, you might even be able to do both.

Finally, you can rest in the mansion, but only if you've put the spirit of Lady Rehan to rest (otherwise her weeping will disturb you). There are two ways to do this. One way is to visit Lavos Gallian in the Temple of the Nine Gods (#4). If you're willing to sacrifice a charge from your weapon, then she'll exorcise the house and you'll gain 400 experience. However, this will also remove the butler, who's happy where he is.

The second way is a little more involved. First, visit Feran Fairhand at night when he's in the Mossy Tree tavern (in South Cyan). If you ply him with drinks, he'll eventually admit that he loves Ellysia, but that he turned to her sister Rehan the day Ellysia dumped him for Sir Becket. The encounter didn't go well, causing Rehan to kill herself. Next, go to Ellysia and let her know that Sir Becket is cheating on her (by giving up Becket's Ring if you're not persuasive enough), and that Feran still loves her. Ellysia will drop Sir Becket like a hot potato and accept Feran back. Finally, go to Feran in the Guildhall and tell him the good news. With the happy couple back together, the next time you go to the Haunted Mansion, the butler will let know you that Rehan is gone, and that she left you a gift, Rehan's Mirror, which will allow you to perform one resurrection per day. You'll also receive 400 experience.

But note: This second way of removing Rehan from your mansion will gain you two guild votes, and so it might cause the election to start much earlier than you'd like.

7 - Silvertongue Manor

Silvertongue Manor is the home of Ellysia Silvertongue, master of the noble guild. To find out how to get her to vote for you, see the Noble Guild entry in the Election section. Besides the election, Ellysia will also talk about her family, and how her sister killed herself last year.

8 - Sir Becket's Mansion

You won't get anywhere talking to Sir Becket, but in one of the rooms, in a locked desk, you can pick up a piece of note paper. This is related to the assassination attempts in South Cyan. If you have the note from here and the assassination note from one of the assassins, then you can get Sir Becket arrested after the election (and also gain 500 experience).

If you have Trip with you, then he'll steal a belcher's belt from Sir Becket, and he'll give it to you once you've exited the mansion. If you refuse the belt, you'll become more lawful.


A. Gate to South Cyan.