Ancient Crypt
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Ancient Crypt
Area Note

You'll find Ohio Smith outside the crypt. If you talk to him, he'll tell you about the planar gate in the crypt, and he'll start following you so you can escort him to it. This should be a required step in The Stan's quest, but with the initial release of the module it isn't, and you can get credit for the escort quest without ever bringing Smith into the crypt.

Fun note: Ohio Smith wields a whip.

1 - Green Glass

You'll find it in a chest along with an adamantine helm.

2 - Orange Glass

You'll find it in a chest along with a lesser robe of eyes.

3 - Purple Glass

It's being carried by a skeleton chieftain.

4 - Blue Glass

It's being carried by a zombie lord.

5 - Yellow Glass

You'll find it in a chest.

6 - Red Glass

You'll find it in a chest.

7 - Puzzle Room

In this room you'll find six urns and a "jewel box." When you click on the box, a ghost will appear and give you some clues about how to arrange pieces of colored glass (#1-6) in the urns so the door will open.

The clues are pretty straightforward, and the ghost will give you more clues than you'll need to figure out the puzzle. For example, when it says "the red fires burned north of the green trees," that means the red glass goes in the north row of urns, and the green glass goes in the south row of urns directly beneath it.

Here is the solution. North row (from west to east): red, yellow, orange. South row (from west to east): green, purple, blue. Once you've placed the pieces of glass correctly, the door will open.

8 - Advisor

You'll find a mummy lord guarding the body of the previous lord's advisor (whom Ohio Smith might have mentioned to you before you went into the crypt). When the mummy lord dies, it will drop a psionic gem, which you can use to speak briefly with the Masked Man.

On the advisor's body you can pick up a journal giving more information about the crypt and the planar gate.

9 - Planar Gate

You'll find that the orb that allowed access through the gate is broken, and so the gate can't be used any more. However, when you reach the gate you'll receive 500 experience for escorting Ohio Smith to it, and you should also find bracers of the dead and a periapt of wisdom +2 in nearby containers.


A. Exit to the Emerald Hills.