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Alias seems like a nice enough character, and she can instantly transport you to certain areas outside the keep, but she's also the one who will tell you when the election is about to start, and so you might want to avoid her.

Alias normally stands at the market area in South Cyan. It's safe enough to talk to her there, so if you'd like her to guide you somewhere, that's the place to do it.

When Alias pops up to tell you about the election, she'll only do so at three places: at the front gate of the keep, at the gate separating North Cyan from South Cyan, and at the entrance of the Guildhall in North Cyan. The good news is that you can always avoid two of these locations.

To avoid the Guildhall entrance, use the teleportation mirrors located in the Mage Tower and in the mage's guild office in the Guildhall. The mirrors teleport to each other, and so they'll allow you to get in and out of the Guildhall without using the entrance.

To avoid the front gate of the keep, talk to Alias in South Cyan and ask her to guide you to somewhere in the Emerald Hills. She'll transport you there instantly. If you tell her to wait for you, then she'll stay where she is and keep herself available to return you to the keep. Both trips will then bypass the front gate, allowing you get into and out of the keep safely.

Finally, Alias might also offer to guide you to the Guildhall, thus bypassing the gate between North and South Cyan and the gate of the Guildhall. But Alias won't wait in the Guildhall to take you back, and so this isn't a complete way to avoid the gate between North and South Cyan.

You won't be able to hold off the election forever, but by avoiding Alias' spawn points as much as possible, you might be able to complete an extra quest or two.