Bastion of the Enemy
Bastion of the Enemy

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Area Note

There are bouncing energy balls that make a circuit throughout the first level of the dungeon. It's possible to rotate some of the mirrors in the level to redirect the balls (into your enemies, for example), and, once you've reached the Illithid Control Room (#4), you can also turn the balls off.

Unlike the other dungeons in the module, you can rest here.

If you have Calibast with you, he might give you Calibast's Ring. If you have Jaboli with you, she might give you Jaboli's Amulet.

1 - Kobold Room

You'll find lots of kobolds here. A kobold thug will drop the kobold key.

2 - Duergar Room

You'll find lots of duergar here. The duergar chief will drop the duergar key.

3 - Secret Door

4 - Illithid Control Room

Here you can find a device to either turn off the bouncing energy balls or make them more powerful.

5 - Drow Room

You'll find several drow in here. A drow priestess will drop the drow key.

6 - Orc Room

You'll find lots of orcs in here. An orc chieftain will drop the orc key.

7 - Goblin Room

You'll find a bunch of goblins and hobgoblins here. A hobgoblin chieftain will drop the goblin key.

8 - Locked Door

You'll need the five keys from the five illithid thralls (#1, 2, 5, 6, 7) to open the door.

9 - Old Friends

Here you'll find whichever two companions you didn't select to be henchmen. They'll attack you, but as soon as you've wounded one enough, they'll both stop. Then you can either kill them or allow them to flee the dungeon.

10 - Final Battle

You'll face an illithid and two intellect devourers here. Depending on how quickly and thoroughly you moved through the module, this battle can either be very easy or very difficult. If you find that you and your companions can't hit the illithid or the devourers, then loot the chests in the room. You'll find some magical weapons inside, including a longsword +3 and a dagger +3.

Once you've killed the illithid and exited the room where the final battle took place, the module will end.


A. Exit to the Emerald Hills.

B. Stairs between levels 1 and 2.

C. Doorway between levels 2 and 3.