Election Overview
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After hearing about the election, and how you'll only have "a few days" to gain votes, you might feel as though you'll have to hurry through the module to complete all of the necessary tasks in time. But that isn't the case. The election isn't timed; it's triggered.

Each time you gain a vote, that will trigger Alias to appear at one of her spawn points and let you know that the election is about to start. Thus, if you complete Serah Blackhand's goblin quest (which will allow you to delay the election three times), you'll be able to gain at least four votes before the start of the election, which will pretty much guarantee that you'll win.

Note: To see how you can sometimes avoid Alias, read the Alias entry in the Other Topics section.

After the election is over, you'll receive the lord's helm, and all of the vote-related quests (which is just about all of them) will break. That means there isn't much you can do at that point other than head straight for the Masked Man. It doesn't seem to make any real difference how you deploy your troops.

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