The Mad God
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Location: Temple High Chapel, Almalexia

Spend the time after getting Trueflame becoming prepared. I suggest having a scroll or two or spell of Jump with 40 points or more. The Hoptoad spell is handy. You might need it for one puzzle. Or, instead of the jump potion, make sure you have a lot of Fortify Speed potions handy, enough to get your speed to 150 or more. You'll need to quaff them at one point if you choose that option. Finally, if that's not feasible, you can complete the puzzle by having a high acrobatics skill, so that jumping for you is much faster than running. Basically, make sure you can either travel fast or jump high. You'll also need a way to get your strength to 100 if it isn't that high already. There's a valve later that won't budge unless your strength is at 100 or more (thanks to a reader submission for that one). Bring all your best gear, enchantments, potions, and armorer hammers.

Speak with Almalexia again. She'll ask you to stop Sotha Sil, the other god besides her and Vivec. He's apparently gone mad, just like Salas Valor. She wants you to find him, and reason with him, but to use force if necessary. Sotha Sil is in Clockwork City, and Almalexia will transport you there when you're ready.

Clockwork City is a fairly straightforward dungeon. There are many swinging traps, a lot of fabricant monsters like you already have fought, and a few puzzles, and I'll go into the first here.

The first major puzzle is in the room "Dome of Kasia". It's not so much a puzzle as a stunt. Your object is to somehow make it to the door around the mezzanine. The only problem is the rotating arm around the room with whirring blades on the end. It's traveling clockwise, and makes a rotation faster than you can run. It also kills you if it touches you.

You actually have many options. If you have enough strength, you can go back and pick up all of the fortify speed potions, which are 5 lbs. apiece, and then bring them into this room. You can also get a few at a time, drop them at the top of the stairs, and eventually make a pile that you can pick up all in one shot. Or, if you have Fortify Speed potions, you can walk to the top of the stairs, and quaff them or the speed vials from the monsters.

Wait for the arm to pass the opening at the top of the stairs, and make a mad dash around the perimeter for the door. It's much faster if you have a high acrobatics skill and good jumping ability and jump on your way to the door.

Another option is to stand in the middle of the room (since you cannot levitate unfortunately in this dungeon), and use a jump potion or spell that will get you over the balcony and to the door when the arm isn't coming around. This would take some timing, but that's how I managed it. Finally, based on the same theory, if you can use a jump spell at the right time as the arm is moving toward you, you can theoretically begin walking toward the door, and just time your jumps to jump over the rotating arm. In a game like Morrowind, that's a hard feat. It's all up to you.

Other equally viable solutions were submitted below:

Tip: Submitted by Josh
I simply began running at the door from the stairs at the earliest possible moment but also jumping. I jumped at angles to cut the distance to the door. I tested this several times and was almost able to go all the way around the room once and then make it to the door, but my character's acrobatic skill is high. Still, it should be easy to do with lower level characters, even without potions.
Tip: Submitted by Erlend
Use "Boots of Blinding Speed" which gives 200 fortified Speed in combination with "Cuirass of the Saviour's hide" to counteract the blindness from the boots. That way you will have more than 200 in speed and can run quite quickly from the rotating arm. It still requires a bit timing, but shouldn't be a problem. Note: I had about 60 in Athletics skill.
Once you're at the door, you'll enter the next puzzle room, the "Dome of Serlyn".

I will now interrupt this walkthrough with a special bug update (as of 01.18.03)

We've been getting email from people with a problem in the "Dome of Serlyn". The problem is, as far as I've narrowed it down, with an ATI Radeon card, from the 7k series up through the 8500 series. If you have one of these cards, don't be surprised upon entering that the room is "greyed out" or "blank". This is probably do to the fog setting of the room causing a problem with the card (that's as detailed as I can get). Here are some viable solutions from members of the official board. Try the first two before resorting to the last. As far as I know, the problem only happens in this room, if it happens at all. Read on:

[all slightly edited] "The problem is caused by the fog setting for the interior cell. I have heard that it only happens on some graphics cards. I have a Radion 8500 and it definitely happens on my card. A non-cheating fix is to go into the editor, and set the "fog depth" (or is it called "fog density"?) for that interior cell to something other than 0.0. Near as I can tell, "normal" (low) fog is 1.0 and lower numbers get foggier. For example, some of the sewers in vivic have their fog depth (density?) set to 0.8. I guess 0.0 is supposed to be very foggy, not completely blinding."

Another very similar solution:

"To fix the fog issue in the Dome of Serlyn:
  • load Tribunal.esm in to the editor
  • in the Cell View window, double click on Sotha Sil, Dome of Serlyn
  • on the World menu, select Interior Cell
  • this will pull up the cell's properties dialog. Down towards the bottom you'll see a box that says "Density". The default setting is 0.00, which is the problem. Change that to 1.00, and hit the OK button.
  • save your new plugin. I'd suggest something easy to remember like nofog.esp
  • close the editor, load up Morrowind, and enable the new plugin in Data Files
  • back to the room, and things should look a little better. In theory
Finally, try this only if the other two don't work for you as you'll miss part of game:

"I don't know if anyone has posted this method to fix the problem before but I haven't seen it. The easiest way I could find through the Serlyn "greyout" room was to go into the editor and edit the door that leads from the room with the giant rotating blade (I forget the name) and relink it from "Dome of Serlyn" to "Hall of Sallaemu" which is where you go when you leave Serlyn. I just tried it and it worked great. Hope this helps everyone who had the problem."
Now, back to our regular scheduled walkthrough. We are in the "Dome of Serlyn".

You'll find a small dome building inside with a door in the middle, with two levers on the right side of the dome. The levers control the front door and an inner door. Tubes stem from the top of the dome into the ceiling of the major room. Listen for a sound and watch the tubes. When the sound appears, hit the right lever that controls the inner door and immediately run toward the front door of the small dome. It will open. Run inside, pass the monster there, and run through the open inner door toward the far wall. Now you can turn around and deal with the monster if you wish. If you miss the first time, make sure both levers are red, and wait for the sound to appear again, and try again. There is no penalty for bad timing, except to fight a fabricant creature each time.

In the next room, just find the lever on the right side of the walkway, make sure your strength is at 100 or more, activate it and wait for the platform to form in the middle of the room. Now walk to the other side.

The rest of the rooms are linear, except, before you enter the "Dome of the Imperfect", rest up outside, and allow your Trueflame to capture back its charge. Repair your armor if necessary. When you enter, a large steam mech named an "Imperfect" will animate, and come after you. It's a very tough fight, so be prepared. Don't worry, the other one in the room is dormant.

After the fight, rest, repair and allow the Trueflame to charge back up, because the last room in this dungeon is next, the "Dome of Sotha Sil". Get all your best gear ready and enter. You're confronted with a strange sight. Move forward and investigate. Activate the body, and be prepared to be surprised.

Begin walking back to the door you came in, and who appears, but Almalexia. She'll give you the super villain speech, and prepare to end your life. There is nothing you can do but wait until you can move again. The very moment you can, use every useful enchantment you can as quickly as possible. I do this by remaining in the inventory screen for as long as possible, and then quickly getting back into it. Save the game when you have your enchantments ready. Almalexia might get one hit in during that time. She's actually not that bad of a fight. If you're prepared, and if you've had no trouble with any of the other fights in Tribunal, you shouldn't have trouble with her, at all.

Once you destroy her, search her body for the Mazed Band. Read your journal, use the band, and it will present you with some travel options. Return to Mournhold. If you speak with anyone, they'll think you are crazy... it's a weird feeling. Walk outside of the Temple, and you're confronted by Azura, who will sum up your experience, and thus end the Main Quest in Tribunal.

Tip: Submitted by Andy
If you're wanted by the High Ordinators (if they normally attack you on sight), be wary of exiting the Temple once you finish off Almalexia, for the High Ordinators might attack you, and you might be frozen and killed while talking to Azura. You can use a divine intervention spell or some other teleport to approach the entrance to the Temple from the other direction.
If you wish, you can now return to Helseth (if he lives), and speak to him about what you learned. He'll reward you. And you can even return to Vivec and talk to him about "Almalexia". I hope you enjoyed GameBanshee's walkthrough, and Tribunal! At some point in the future... I hope we return to the Elder Scrolls in number 4. It can only hope to be as good as Morrowind has.