The Missing Hand
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Location: Temple High Chapel, Almalexia

After you've caused Ashstorms in Mournhold, speak with Almalexia again, and she'll fill you in that one of her High Ordinator guards, Salas Valor, has gone mad and poses a possible threat to her. She wants you to deal with him. These guys mean business. Salas Valor is perhaps the hardest fight in Tribunal other than a miscellaneous quest, and the two fights at the end of the expansion.

Be as prepared as you can, and go to Godsreach to talk with him. He's the High Ordinator near the middle of the complex in the glowing robe and equipment. Once you talk to him, he'll attack, so be ready before that.

After the battle, he's got some wickedly good items on his body. Be warned though, that if you wear any of his armor, and you talk to any High Ordinator, they'll attack you on the spot, unless they're the ones in the High Chapel.

Anyway, after finishing off Valor, return to Almalexia to be rewarded with a nice constant blessing. Your choices:

Skin like iron, please! (constant fortify 5 pts to unarmored, light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor)

Protection against paralysis, please! (constant protection against terror 20 pts)

Warm, reflected glory, please! (constant fortify health 10 pts... why this is not "reflect 10 points" I do not know, but it's health)

Uh... nothing for me, right now... but thanks.

Speak to her once again after your blessing, and you'll be informed of many things, including your next quest, "The Blade of Nerevar."