A Show of Power
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Location: Temple High Chapel, Almalexia

Almalexia wishes you to investigate the End of Times cult, as some of their members have been found dead in the city. One of them is the brother of Meralyn Othan, who is in the Great Bazaar. She also advises you to be wary of Eno Romari, the cult leader, but has no idea where to find him.

Speak with Meralyn Othan in the Great Bazaar. You'll find her on the great steps on the eastern side of the Great Bazaar. Talk to her about her brother and about Eno Romari and the cult. She'll tell you he hangs outside of the Winged Guar Tavern in Godsreach. Next, pay a visit to the tavern and you'll find a white-robbed man outside walking around. That's Eno. Speak to him about the "End of Times" and his "beliefs" and extract all the information you can from him.

Report back to Almalexia with your information, and she'll want to show this group her power by bring Ashstorms to Mournhold. Your next mission in this quest is to go back to Bamz-Amschend, the Dwemer Ruins in the Plaza Brindisi Dorom section, and activate the Karstangz-Bcharn, an ancient Dwemer device that controls the weather. She hands you a "powered Dwemer Coherer" to insert into somewhere.

Before you enter Bamz-Amschend, make sure you can open a door with a skill level of 100. It's easy enough to enchant a ring with the Open spell, but it should cost around 22-23k with a good disposition. There's an enchanter in the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach. Or, you might still have a scroll or spell handy that would do the same thing.

Within Bamz-Amschend are powerful Dwemer creations. One of them is a pure melee type called the Advanced Steam Centurion. They're much tougher and hit harder than the normal Steam Centurion found in the main game. The biggest threat however, comes with the Centurion Archers. They have a dart that not only does incredible damage, but has shock damage added onto that. At level 50, and at difficulty 100, with no enchantments against the dart, it only took 2 hits from a Centurion Archer to kill me. The best thing is to avoid their shots by either strafing toward them, and then counter-clockwise around them while meleeing them, or attacking them with spells. Easier is to protect yourself from shock damage and projectiles, and then go in and destroy them. They're not too bad but do pose a definite threat.

The first large room in Bamz-Amschend is Hearthfire Hall. Next, proceed to the Passage of Whispers, then Radac's Forge, and find a room that is blocked by a trapped door with a lock level of 100. Thanks to a reader submission, the "Dwemer key" to this door should be laying on a Dwemer desk in the room with the giant robot, the first room in the area. You can also open it in traditional fashion, using an open spell, scroll, security skill, enchanted "open" item, or some other way (I also found a key laying on the floor in the dungeon but it did not fit the door). Inside, you'll find a chest with 2 "Dwarven Satchels". Proceed further down the same corridor as the locked room was, and you'll end up at a dead end with some "collapsed rocks". Activate the rocks with the satchels in your inventory, and a prompt will come up asking if you want to place a satchel charge. When you place it, a timer will begin counting back from 5. Stand back from the explosion and then activate the new hole, and you'll crawl into the Passage of the Walker.

From the passage, travel to the King's Walk, and then finally to the Skybreak Gallery. You'll notice in the Passage of the Walker another collapsed rock section that can take a satchel charge. This leads to the ancient daedric shrine of Norenen-dur, which you'll eventually need to go into for an ingredient.

In the large dome of Skybreak Gallery, destroy the Dwemer creatures in the room, and make your way up one of the many spokes to the center of the dome. Behind the hub is a "Junction Box". Activate this to place your powered Dwemer Coherer inside, and the machine will start up. Your journal will update, but don't leave just yet.

Behind the Junction box is a small platform with three levers. Across the Dome you'll see a large mural type painting on the wall. If you activate any of the levers, the mural will change to a different picture. You'll want to have the Volcano picture showing. The proper sequence is to hit the middle one first, then the right one, and then the middle again. Your journal will update again.

Head back to Almalexia because you've finished the quest. Speak to her again and she'll have another one, dealing with one of her mad ordinators.