Disloyalty Among the Guards
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Location: Royal Palace Throne Room, Tienius Delitian

Tienius asks that you pretend to be joining the royal guard, and use that as a conversation starter while talking to his guards to get them to trust you and to weed out any disloyalty. You'll want to begin with Ivulen Irano, the first guard to the left as you enter the Throne Room. Bring up "join the Royal Army", and then mention your Hlaalu connections. He'll tell you to speak with Aleri Aren, but not to Tienius about that.

If you go back to Tienius and tell him what Irano said, he'll say you should seek out Aleri Aren, who is in the Guard's Quarters. She's right inside the door as you enter from the palace courtyard. Talk to her about "join the Royal Army" and then Hlaalu connections, and she'll say that Irano was lying. Report back to Tienius if you want some more help on the case. He'll say to check around Irano's bed and chest in the Guard's Quarters for something tangible.

Head back to the Guard's Quarters, and upstairs at the foot of the first bed, you'll find Irano's chest. Walk around the bed and look on the floor. There's a handwritten note. Pick it up and take it to Tienius. The note has three suspicious guards always on the same shift. Tienius makes a point of changing the shift duties around and then assigns you your next quest, finding evidence of a conspiracy against King Helseth. Paranoid aren't they?