The Shrine of the Dead
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Location: Temple Reception Area, Fedris Hler

Though Fedris actually initiates this quest, it's Gavis Drin who appoints it to you and to whom you report to when you're finished. Your mission is to rid the Shrine of the Dead underneath the Temple in the old ruins, from the undead liches who have stolen the power from the area. If this can be done, the area can be reclaimed, and the power restored to the good of Mournhold.

First, enter the Temple Basement alone, from the section at the back of the Temple through a trap door leading to the sewers. Follow the sewers in the general direction East and then back south to the Temple Gardens. Follow the linear Garden path to the Temple Shrine, and be prepared to fight a few liches at the same time, who all like to cast Summon Greater Bonewalker. Your journal will update when you've completed the task.

After you've cleared the area, backtrack to the Office of the Lord Archcanon, and pick up Urvel Dulni, a timid fellow, and choose the option "travel together". Take him down to the same area of the shrine carefully so he doesn't get stuck, and he'll perform the ceremony. After your journal updates, you can take him back up to the same room to complete the quest by talking with Drin, who rewards you with a weapon.

Speak to Drin again and he'll field you back over to Fedris Hler for another assignment.