Barilzar's Mazed Band
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Location: Temple Reception Area, Fedris Hler

Hler wants you to retrieve an artifact called "Barilzar's Mazed Band" for Almalexia, who has been pleased with me so far. If you speak with Gavas Drin after this, he'll fill you in on more information about the Band. This quest, you'll find, is fairly easy and short.

Barilzar is located in a newly opened area underneath the Temple, which you can access through the Temple Basement trap door. Once down in the sewers, head Northwest to the door to the Abandoned Crypt. Find a ladder nearby the entrance leading up to another section of the Crypt, and follow that around until you reach the lich lord Barilzar. He'll initiate dialogue with you, and then attempt to end your life. That can't happen, so reverse his intentions, and then take the Band from his body.

Bring the Band back to Gavis Drin, and he'll tell you to, finally, speak directly with Almalexia in the High Chapel. You can access the High Chapel from any corridor if you simply take the stairs up, or even simpler, through the big doors in the Temple Reception Area.

Almalexia is pretty flippant about her reasons for desiring the Mazed Band, dropping the subject like yesterday's news, and blesses you with a new power, "Almalexia's Light", which restores 25pts to many of your stats once per day.

If you speak with her again, she'll not have anything else for you for the time being. Neither will Hler or Drin. Walk outside and speak with anyone. If they do not warn you that weird creatures are attacking the Plaza Brindisi Dorom, then rest somewhere and speak with people again.