Evidence of Conspiracy
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Location: Royal Palace Throne Room, Tienius Delitian

This time Tienius Delitian somehow gets word of a conspiracy against Helseth, and wants you to search Ravani Llethan, King's widow's home for documents or other evidence. She's still in Godsreach at Llethan Manor, and in the room she's in there's a desk behind her with a handwritten letter. The letter infact points toward a conspiracy involving three people: Forven Berano, Hloggar the Bloody, and Bedal Alen.

Be careful when you take the letter. Try and have the widow face away from you and then sneak it away, otherwise the people of the house will be after you. It doesn't really adversely affect anything if you're caught, so just run out if you can't do it inconspicuously.

When Tienius has a look, he'll offer writs of execution to those three people, but has no clue where to find them. Talk to someone to whom you have a high disposition with, either a guard, bribe someone, or Barenziah, who will tell you their approximate location. In any order, speak with Forven Berano on the north eastern part of the Temple Grounds outside. You'll find Hloggar the Bloody if you go down the sewers in Godsreach, and then head to the West End Sewers. Bedal Alen is in the bookshop in the Great Bazaar.

When you speak to any of them, you'll be offered two choices. You can either kill them or allow them to escape, meaning you'll need to tell Tienius that someone got to them sooner than you. If you kill them, you'll be offered either 1k, 2k or a 3k reward from Tienius depending on how many you killed, but you'll still complete the quest if you allow them to escape, and you'll have their gratitude.

Tienius then has one final task, regarding the paper "The Common Tongue".