An Attack on Mournhold
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Location: Mournhold, any Guard

After retrieving the Mazed Band for Almalexia, it's time for a cutscene of sorts. If you speak with any person outside, they should warn you that creatures have stormed the Plaza Brindisi Dorom on the south side of the city. You need to speak with a Guard, and they'll ask for your help.

Simply enter the Plaza Brindisi Dorom section of the city, and you'll be confronted with a scene of mechanized spiked creatures similar to raptors and scorpions fighting the guards. Help them dispatch the creatures (who are fairly tough and made to match your level), your journal will update, and then speak with any of the guards, but it matters which type of guard you speak with.

At this point, if you speak with a Royal Guard, they'll tell you to immediately report to Tienius Delitian in the Palace Throne Room, and alert him to the outcome of the attack. He would then have another quest for you. Or, if you speak with a High Ordinator guard, they'll tell you to report to Fedris Hler immediately, and at that point, he'll have another quest for you. Whichever guard you choose to speak with, you can go to either Tienius or Fedris for the next quest.