Speak to the People
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Location: Royal Palace Throne Room, Tienius Delitian

Tienius wants to find the source of rumors about the King Llethan's Death. You're to speak with the people and find out more information about them. This is pretty straightforward but as of the first version of Tribunal is somewhat of a bug. You can complete this quest simply by speaking with a few different people about "King Llethan's Death" and returning to Tienius. But the proper way to finish is to talk to a few people, and find your way to Ravani Llethan, the King's widow, at her house in Godsreach. Talk to her about King Llethan's Death and offer condolences. Then do the same thing again and this time ask her about the murder. She'll point out that the paper "The Common Tongue" has all the information about the poisoning of the King.

It's easy to find. Just outside her door, in a niche behind Sadri Manor you'll find one copy. Another is behind the outside pawnbroker under the domed tent in the Great Bazaar. There are others. Pick one of them up and take it to Tienius and he'll absolve you of this quest. You can then receive your next quest.