The Blade of Nerevar
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Location: Temple High Chapel, Almalexia

Speaking to Almalexia again enlightens you to a few things about your past life, and she'll tell you about the blade that you once owned in another life, Trueflame, who's pieces were once lost, but are believed to be in Mournhold. She gives you one piece, and your job is to find the two remaining pieces of the broken blade. Once you have them, you're to find a "craftsman" who is able to "forge the blade".

It's best to start with artisans who deal in unique items, or perhaps from an enlightened person who's possibly already been of help to you. Barenziah is one of those people. Find her in her chambers, and talk to her about the "pieces of the blade", and she'll say that Helseth's (former) champion, Karrod, has a interesting piece that matches your description. Go to Karrod and ask him about the "pieces of the blade", and he'll give you his piece willingly. If he does not talk to you about the subject, go over to King Helseth, and receive your next non-official quest, which is to find out information about Almalexia and her plans. Once you've done this, talk to Karrod again about the pieces of the blade and he'll now give the piece to you.

One other place deals in antiquities and rare artifacts. That's the Museum of Artifacts. Speak to the curator, Torasa Aram, who believes she has a piece around the same era, but that she won't give it to you without proper compensation. If you ask her about it, you'll need to donate a few items to the museum before she hands over the piece. If you still carry the Dagger of Symmachus that Helseth gave you, now would be a good time to talk to Torasa Aram and "donate the item" once you tell her about it. One more to go. If you have an item in your inventory that works, the item's name should appear as a subject in the conversation window, so simply talk about it and then donate the item for your second piece. If you still need another item, there's a book at the back of the museum that lists all of the artifacts that the Museum takes. One of these should do. One caveat, though. The curator does not take all the items in the book like she says. I'm going to assume that this is a bug since I and many others have tried a couple from the book that did not work. However, some items do work. If you have one of the items from the book, try it. Otherwise, there are other places on the web that tell you the locations of the artifacts, such as gamefaqs.

Tip: Submitted by Dalec
To get your 2nd artifact: In Godsreach, go to the house above the estate sale house (there is a stairway on the right). Talk to everyone inside and learn Golena Sadri has gone mad. Alvan Llarys tells you to talk to Elbert in the Craftsmen hall on the top floor. Elbert tells you Golena found some very deadly artifacts and he wants nothing to do with her. Travel back to her house and find that it is locked. The man standing outside tells you to go investigate inside (the lock is lvl 100, I had Elbert enchant an item with open 100 points). Once inside, go downstairs and find a dead ordinater and a sewer entrance. Upon entering the sewer, travel through the door ahead until you find yourself in a big empty room with some crates in the middle. There is a valve on the far side of the room, activate it and the room floods. Now swim to the center of the room and see that the crates have floated up revealing a trap door. Take it and travel through the underwater tunnel to the ladder on the right side. You should be on dry land with a red object in front of you. These are deadly traps which killed me in 2 hits, so take care. I got past them by quaffing potions before I ran by. The rest is straight forward, there is one detour which leads to some chests guarded by many traps. There are some pretty nice items inside...if you can get to them. When you get to the end, you should see Golena Sadris standing in a big open room. Get ready, as soon as you get close she says a few words and attacks. She was a tough fight for me in my early 20's. She drops a nice bow, and a mace which casts silence and something else I believe, but over-all a pretty worthless item. Pick up the mace and go back to the museum and donate it (it was only worth 10000 gold so you don't lose much at all).
Tip: Submitted by Anders
I have also begun to do the quest for the museum and found that not every item in the book can be sold. I poked about a bit in the files and found that the following items can not be sold (as of june 19, 2003):

Daedric Cresent Blade
Daedric Scurge
Denstagmer's Ring
Fist of Randagulf
Masque of Clavicus Vile
Mehrunes Razor
Ring of Khajit
Ring of Surroundings
Ring of the Wind
The Mentor's Ring

The following items are possible to sell but they are not in the book:

Auriel's Bow
Auriel's Shield
Bi-polar Blade
Boots of Blinding Speed
Dagger of Symmachus
Mace of Slurring
Robe of the Lich
Ten Pace Boots
Veloth's Judgement
Once you've donated two items to the Museum, Torasa gives you a Dwemer Battle Shield. If you ask anyone about a "craftsman", they'll let you know that the orc Yagak gro-Gluk in the Craftsmen's Hall in Godsreach is one of the finest. Go now to the Craftsmen's Hall and talk to the orc in the smithy area about the Dwemer Battle Shield. He'll first break the shield in two and give a piece of the dwemer blade and a normal dwemer battle shield to you. Talk to him about forging the blade, and he'll take all three blade pieces and tell you to come back in a day or two.

Wait or rest the allotted time and speak to him again, and Trueflame is yours! However, you notice that there is no flame. Speak to the orc about this, and he'll suggest you visit Bamz-Amschend again, and find some of the writings of Radac Stungnthumz the dwemer mystic, and return with them in hand.

It's a little easier than that, actually. You'll need to go to Bamz-Amschend, to the Radac's Forge area, and into the first room. It's the one with the giant robot. The ghost of Radac Stungnthumz is there, and if you talk to him about "talk to a dwemer", he'll say that he can do it for you right there, only he'll need some Pyroil Tar first.

Remember that other collapsed rock area in the Passage of the Walker? That leads to Norenen-dur, a daedric shrine, and Radac suggests that I find the "Citadel of Myn Dhrur" once inside to find the Tar. You'll need to use your extra Dwarven satchel charge to blow open the collapsed rock if you haven't yet, explained earlier in the walkthrough in the section "A Show of Power".

The area is filled with most of the variety of daedra, including Golden Saints and Dremora. You'll pass through the section called "The Teeth that Gnash" to the Citadel of Myn Dhrur and, in the Citadel, you'll find Khash-Ti Dhrur, a high level Dremora. Defeat him, and the Pyroil Tar is on his remains.

Bring the Pyroil Tar back to Radac Stungnthumz, and he'll add the enchantment right there. No need to go back to visit the orc. Once you have the blade, check it out, it's VERY cool, and definitely the best weapon in the game. Here's a pic of my character at this point in the game, Thaeyl Sireau the Astral Diplomat, with Trueflame.

Thaeyl Sireau, the Astral Diplomat, with the fire-enchanted Truflame sword.

Return to Almalexia for further instructions.