The Archaeologist
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This extended quest first becomes available after the Rookridge bridge is repaired at the conclusion of the A Bridge Too Far quest, though you won't actually be able to finish it until after you've defeated Lucien and finished the game (and even then, only if you chose Love as your wish). Fast-travel to Fairfax Gardens and walk to the edge of the large excavation site to your right. Here you'll meet Belle, one of Albion's foremost archaeologists. She's done a lot of research over the years and wants your help to find the remnants of lost civilizations.

You'll eventually discover that this quest is broken into thirteen smaller fetch quests. Each time you agree to help Belle in her endeavor, she'll hand you a note that cryptically identifies where you'll find the next artifact. Once you fast-travel to the correct region, your dog will sniff out the dig spot where the artifact (which always ends up being an Ancient Scroll) lies - regardless of where it is on the map. Once you dig it up, you'll return it to Belle for another research note. Since all of the running around in this quest is time-consuming enough, here's a table of all the notes and scrolls you'll acquire, along with the location Belle's research is pointing to and how much renown you'll earn:

Step Research Link Location Artifact Link Renown Earned
1 Belle's Research Note Bowerstone Old Town Ancient Scroll 75
2 Belle's Research Note Rookridge Ancient Scroll 100
3 Belle's Research Note Bowerstone Cemetery Ancient Scroll 125
4 Belle's Research Note Oakfield Ancient Scroll 150
5 Belle's Research Note Bower Lake Ancient Scroll 200
6 Belle's Research Note Brightwood Ancient Scroll 250
7 Belle's Research Note Bandit Coast Ancient Scroll 300
8 Belle's Research Note Westcliff Ancient Scroll 350
9 Belle's Research Note Rookridge (Gemstone Grotto) Ancient Scroll 450
10 Belle's Research Note Wraithmarsh Ancient Scroll 500
11 Belle's Research Note Bloodstone Ancient Scroll 550
12 Belle's Research Note Guild Cave Ancient Scroll 600
13 Belle's Research Note Bloodstone (Reaver's Rear Passage) Ancient Scroll 700

When all thirteen scrolls have been turned in to Belle, you can enter the door at the bottom of the excavation site. At the base of the staircase inside, you'll be attacked by two floating Shards that flank either side of a chest. Once the Shards have been destroyed, you can plunder the chest for The Archon's Dream. This ancient gem is one of Albion's three Divinity gems and therefore has an insane base value of 100,000 gold. Before you can pocket it and be on your way, Belle meets you at the top of the stairs and offers you "a very generous sum of gold" for it. In fact, she won't even move out of the doorway leading out of the excavation site until you turn it over to her. If you'd rather not part with it, you can always turn your safety off and provide her with a quick death instead. Either way, you get 1000 renown points for completing the quest.