Fable II Demon Doors
Remember the Demon Doors we encountered in the first Fable? Yeah, the chatty constructs are back in Fable II, and they have entirely new riddles for you to solve. Lucky for you, the solutions to all 9 are provided below:

The Bloodstone Demon Door The Bloodstone Demon Door

You'll encounter this Demon Door on the northern end of the Bloodstone map, shortly after emerging from Wraithmarsh. This door loves music and will suggest that you play something for him. As long as you have a Lute, you can strum a few chords and give him what he wants. Beyond his stony gaze lies Winter Lodge, a snow-covered building that hides a chest containing a Master Longsword on its second floor.
The Bower Lake Demon Door The Bower Lake Demon Door

This particular Demon Door can be found in the southwest corner of the Bower Lake map. The door's been busy putting together a lengthy play and he wants you to act it out for him. While it sound easy enough to just just accompany each of his lines with an appropriate expression, you may find that you lack some of the expressions necessary to finish his production. The ones you'll need are Laugh, Dance, Point & Laugh, Middle Finger, Growl, Bloodlust Roar, Thrust, Fart, Blow Kiss, and Worship. If you need help tracking any of these down, check our expressions section. Once the door is open, you can proceed into the Arid Sea to claim a Lucky Charm Augment.
The Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door The Bowerstone Cemetery Demon Door

In the northernmost area of the Bowerstone Cemetery map, you'll come across this Demon Door. And he's hungry! For meat. Living meat. Unfortunately, a Crunchy Chick isn't good enough, so you'll have to scour the area for a wandering chicken. Simply kick the feathered beast into the door and watch as it splatters into chunks of, well, meat. Now that he's satisfied, the Demon Door allows you entrance to the Forgotten Keep. Here, you can pick up a Balverine Strength Potion, a Practised Skill Potion, and an Infused Will Potion.
The Brightwood Demon Door The Brightwood Demon Door

One of the more annoying Demon Doors is just a short jaunt from Giles' Farm. According to him, there's nothing here. "Just boring non-heroey stuff." If you're stubborn enough to keep pestering him, he'll eventually request some cheese (Dairy Farm Cheese, for example). When you've fulfilled this requirement, he'll demand that you wear the appropriate cheese-bringing uniform. This will require you to purchase a new hairstyle (Dreadlocks, if you don't already have it) and beard (Mutton Chops are a favorite). After paying a visit to a stylist, he'll then ask that you wear a strumpet skirt (a Tart Skirt will do), a farmer's hat (go for the Yokel Hat), and a posh shirt (Noble Gent's Shirt). After all that, you can finally proceed into The Sepulchre to loot a Merchant's Cap, Knotted Shirt, and Harlequin Trousers.
The Fairfax Gardens Demon Door The Fairfax Gardens Demon Door

Underneath the steps leading up to Castle Fairfax, you'll discover a hidden tunnel leading to this particular Demon Door. The only way to make it past this stony visage is to ensure that the eight other Demon Doors around Albion have already been opened. When he realizes that he's all alone, he leaves to join them - and you gain entrance to the Forest Sanctum. Once inside, you can grab Marcus's Poem on a pedestal and 50,000 gold pieces in a chest.
The Oakfield Demon Door The Oakfield Demon Door

Take a stroll along the beach in the northwest section of Oakfield to discover this Demon Door. After a short conversation, you'll learn that the Demon Door would like to witness a proposal of marriage. Simply pay a visit to the nearest available man or woman and start hammering out favorable expressions until they're willing to get engaged. With that step complete, make sure you have a proper ring in your inventory and ask the NPC to follow you back to the Demon Door. One marriage proposal later and you'll be looting The Hammerthyst and Come Hither, Dear from the Homestead area beyond.
The Rookridge Demon Door The Rookridge Demon Door

To convince the Demon Door on the eastern side of Rookridge to open, you'll have to show off just how smart your dog is. Carry out your own expressions to convince your dog to do three different tricks (if you play dead, he'll play dead) and, as promised, the Demon Door will allow you to pass. Behind the door you'll discover Memory Lane, where a coveted Potion of Life can be had.
The Westcliff Demon Door The Westcliff Demon Door

Nestled within the trees on the south side of Westcliff lies this sinister Demon Door. He's looking for someone that enjoys the more indulgent aspects of life, meaning that you'll need to be at least somewhat corrupt (25% of the way from the left on the pure/corrupt meter) to meet his requirement. This can be achieved by doing some heavy eating, drinking, and sleeping, or by purchasing real estate and then hiking the prices and rent. When you've completed the task, you'll be able to pass through to the Vault where The Calavera awaits you.
The Wraithmarsh Demon Door The Wraithmarsh Demon Door

The Demon Door that resides in the northeast corner of Wraithmarsh believes himself to be a talented actor. To convince him to let you pass, you must bring him an audience worthy of his performance. While this means that you just have to round up several townsfolk with the follow expression to meet his needs, you may discover that this isn't quite so easy without a significant amount of renown. Once you're able to get several NPCs in tow, return to the Demon Door and let him have his five minutes of fame. Once he's done reciting, you can enter the bizarre Terry Cotter's Army area to nab The Perforator.