Fable II Pub Games: Spinnerbox
Apparently no gambling game is complete without some sort of slot machine, and in Fable II Pub Games it's called a Spinnerbox. Each triangular "box" is embedded with a varying number of rings that can be spun around to reveal a number of different colorful icons. The more identical icons you land on during a single play, the more gold you win. Certain combinations of icons will also net you a handful of free spins, giving you a chance to win some coin without actually having to put down an initial bet.

In case you're wondering, yes, Spinnerbox is as shallow as it sounds. There is no good reason to put any amount of thought into your play style. You simply set the bet amount you'd like to run with, then tap the A button as slowly or as quickly as you'd like until you either strike it rich or run out of money. Personally, I find Fortune's Tower and Keystone far more entertaining (and lucrative), though Spinnerbox might be a good choice if you just want to earn points as quickly as possible.