Fable II Pub Games: Fortune's Tower
Fortune's Tower is the only truly "unique" game in Pub Games. During each hand, you're dealt eight rows of cards. The first row is comprised of a single card, face down. This card will automatically be used to exchange any card in the lower rows that would have resulted in a loss. All other rows are comprised of 2-8 cards, face up. These cards either have a number from 1-7 on them or the picture of a knight.

As each row is dealt, the cards within it are added up to get a total. If any of the cards in the row are identical to either of the two cards directly above it, they'll catch fire and you'll lose the hand. However, there are two ways to avoid this loss. If the card in the first row is still available, it will take the place of the losing card (though it may still match one of the two cards directly, in which case you still lose). Another savior is the knight card, which automatically negates any cards that have burned up within the same row.

The ultimate goal is to achieve the highest score you can from a row without losing. If you cash out with your final row adding up to a score below 15, you lose a like percentage (six and two-thirds percent per point below) of your original bet. If your final row adds up to 15, you break even. If it reaches a score above 15, then you win a percentage (six and two-thirds percent per point above) of your original bet. Should you make it to the final row without ever using the card in the first row, you'll hit the jackpot and your score becomes the total of all rows added together. Additionally, if you're dealt the same card across an entire row (for example, three 5 cards or four knight cards) then your score is multiplied by the number of identical cards (x3 and x4 multipliers for the previous examples).

Profiting from Fortune's Tower just means finding a solid strategy and sticking to it. Typically, I'll cash out if a row's total reaches 20+ when I still have the first row card in place (unless I'm feeling gutsy, in which case I might try for the jackpot). If I've already been forced to use the top card, then anything reasonably close to 15 (10+) is good enough to save a majority of my original bet before things go downhill. I'd rather make most of your money back and then move on to a new hand with that first row card back in place.