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Forest Trail

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  • There are two kinds of special trees in this level (both shown as moveable walls in the map above). One will start out on the map; the other will only appear (or reappear) when you walk past it. Both types of trees can be removed by equipping the Medallion of Friendship (from the Warriors' Tomb) or the Everburning Torch (#1), and then using the item while facing the trees.

  • You'll also have to deal with brambles (shown as a "plus" with arrows on the map above). Each time you encounter brambles, you'll be given three paths that you can follow. The left path will take you diagonal left, the middle path will take you two squares forward, and the right path will take you diagonal right (as shown in the diagram to the right).

  • Feyrs will disappear and reappear while they're fighting you. You can hit them even when you can't see them, so keep swinging away.

  • Feyrs
  • Minotaurs

Notable Loot
  • Chain Mail +4 (#3)
  • Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strength (#6)
  • Leather Armor +3 (#6)
  • Long Sword +3 (#3)
  • Plate Mail +2 (#5)
  • Ring of Wizardry (#6)
  • Two-Handed Sword +3 (#5)


1 - Everburning Torch

If you equip this torch and use it when you encounter "moveable trees" (shown as moveable walls in the map above), then you'll remove the trees.

2 - Delmair Rallyhorn

At this spot, you'll meet the ranger Delmair Rallyhorn. He'll tell you that he's searching for his father's sword, Dhauzimmer, the Bright Blade, and he'll offer to join your party. Delmair is one of the better companions, with good stats and good equipment, so we'd recommend taking him along with you.

Just be aware that Delmair is a were-tiger, and when he takes regular (non-magical) damage, he'll switch to his tiger form, which has powerful claw attacks but weak armor. Delmair will drop his weapons (if any) when he transforms, and he'll stay transformed until you rest. We usually leave Delmair in the back ranks equipped with his Long Bow so he avoids damage and stays in his half-elf form.

3 - Loot

On the ground here, you'll find six Arrows +2, a Bow, Chain Mail +4, and a Long Sword +3

4 - Loot

On the ground here, you'll find six Arrows and nine Rations.

5 - Loot

On the ground here, you'll find a (worthless) Necklace of Adornment, Plate Mail +2, a Two-Handed Sword +3, and a Wand of Cone of Cold.

6 - Loot

You'll have to defeat four feyrs in this area, but if you're successful then you'll find some useful items on the ground here: Gauntlets of Fire Giant Strength (which sets a character's strength to 22), Leather Armor +3, a Ring of Wizardry (which allows a mage to memorize twice as many level 5 spells), Thieves' Tools, and a Wand of Magic Missile.

7 - Cloak

In this area you'll encounter a feyr, but you'll find a Cloak of Protection on the ground here.

8 - Lord Protector

When you approach this spot, you'll meet the ghostly Lord Protector of the forest. He'll tell you the history of Myth Drannor, including how he and Captain Fflar died while defending it, and then he'll demand that you take a test to prove your worth. To do this, you'll need to select one of your characters. The Lord Protector will then ask that character a single question. The right answer will depend on the character's class(es):
  • Cleric: Exalted Deeds
  • Fighter: Daring Deeds
  • Mage: Arcane Deeds
  • Paladin: Daring Deeds, Exalted Deeds
  • Ranger: Daring Deeds
  • Thief: Adroit Deeds
Each time you get the answer wrong, the character you chose for the test will lose a level. If you get the answer wrong three times, then the Lord Protector will disappear, and you'll be forced to load your game. When you get the answer right, the character you chose for the test will gain a level, and the Lord Protector will remove the trees blocking your way to the forest exit (Exit D).

Note: Multi-class characters can give the right answer for any of their classes, but only the class associated with the answer will gain a level. For example, if you choose a mage/thief for the test, and if you give Arcane Deeds as the answer, then the mage class will gain a level.

Another Note: Spellcasters will get a lot more out of an extra level than mundane classes, so we'd recommend choosing your mage for the test.

9 - Trees

These trees will block you from reaching the exit from the forest (Exit D). To remove the trees, you'll have to pass the Lord Protector's test (#8).

  1. Path back to the Burial Glen.
  2. Trail.
  3. Trail.
  4. Exit to the Guildhall Quarter Ruins.