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Skills Overview
There are 96 skills and spells in Divine Divinity. Even though the skills and spells are divided among the three classes in the game, you can learn any of them that you want. We'll comment on a few of them here.

Alchemy: The first point of "alchemy" allows you to combine potions. In particular, it allows you to combine health and mana potions to create restoration potions. Since restoration potions are much better than health and mana potions, learning a point of "alchemy" is a very good idea. Later points in alchemy allow you to create potions using the herbs and mushrooms scattered around the world, but this is much less useful. Generally, if you need more potions it's easy enough to buy them.

Bless: You can earn a point of "bless" by completing a quest for Sir Markham in the northern part of the dukedom.

Deadly Gift: The "deadly gift" skill allows you to create traps. However, traps are wildly overpowered in the game, so you should only use this skill as a last resort.

Elemental Strike: You can earn a point of "elemental strike" when you complete the Dragon Armor quest.

Enchant Weapon: This is the skill that allows you to add charms to your equipment. So it's useful to have all five points of this skill.

Freeze: The "freeze" spell does just what it says, freezing most enemies in their tracks. It's your best friend against boss creatures, and it's a spell you should learn all five points of.

Hell Spikes: The "hell spikes" spell doesn't look impressive, but it has two important things going for it: it's an area affect spell that doesn't require line-of-sight, and it can't be resisted. That makes it very useful for all classes to learn.

Identify: If you plan on loading and restoring your game in order to get the best equipment possible, then the "identify" skill is a must have. Otherwise it isn't very important since it's easy to jump to shopkeepers and get objects identified for 100 gold each.

Meteor Strike: The "meteor strike" spell is useful early in the game, but you'll need something more powerful by the end.

Poisonous Cloud: The "poisonous cloud" spell isn't all that useful, but it allows you to kill NPC's that you can't otherwise attack (like Patriarch the dragon in the Wastelands).

Repair: Since once point of the "repair" skill allows you to repair objects up to 60% of their maximum durability, and since there isn't any downside to repairing objects frequently, you only need one point in this skill.

Restoration: The "restoration" spell heals hit points, so it's a useful spell for all classes to learn. You can gain three points of "restoration" during the game: one for healing the wounded soldiers in Aleroth, one for passing the test in Nericon's Garden, and one via a spellbook in the Rivertown sewers.

Trader's Tongue: Money isn't very important in the game (chances are you'll end up with about a million gold), and so "trader's tongue" isn't very important, either. But you can earn two points of the skill during the game: one for buying El'Gammon's "magical" objects at the Blue Boar Inn, and one for reading the "making money" books in the Merchant's Guild Archives in Verdistis.

True Shot: Our understanding is that this skill is broken.

Wisdom: Even if you add points to the "wisdom" skill as soon as possible, it will only net you an extra level or two. So there are probably better ways for you to invest your skill points.