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Path of the Specialist
Sword Expertise (Passive): The knowledge of swordmasters becomes available to you and increases your sword handling.

Mace Expertise (Passive): Call on the knowledge of the masters of the mace to improve your fighting skills and the damage done when wielding the mace in battle.

Axe Expertise (Passive): Improve your skills with the axe and vastly improve the damage inflicted when wielding the axe in battle.

Hammer Expertise (Passive): Wield the hammer with deadly proficiency and speed.

Spear Expertise (Passive): Spear attacks become faster and deadlier and your spear throwing accuracy is improved. Additionally, you can also throw your spear with this skill.

Bow Expertise (Passive): Tap into the Elven skill with the bow and enhance your archery abilities.

Crossbow Expertise (Passive): Increase the speed and power of your attacks when using the crossbow.

Shield Expertise (Passive): Become one with your shield and use it not only to defend against attacks, but also as a deadly weapon.