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Path of Warrior's Lore
Augment Damage (Passive): Through magical methods you gain the insight and knowledge of master warriors and do more damage to your opponents.

Repair: Allows you to repair your weapons and armor. To repair an item, make the skill your active skill, and rightclick. Your mouse cursor is going to change into a small anvil and hammer. Now left-click on the item you want to repair. Right-clicking again will cancel the repair.

Stun (Passive): This magical attack crushes the wind from the lungs of your enemy, temporarily preventing them from attacking you.

Augment Defense (Passive): Your knowledge of self-defense is enhanced, thereby reducing the damage sustained from your enemies.

Poison Damage (Passive): This skill causes some of your attacks to inflict additional poison damage.

Fire Damage (Passive): Adds the searing damage of fire to some of your attacks.

Lightning Damage (Passive): The powerful force of the storms is added to some of your attacks.

Repel Damage (Passive): Some of the force behind your opponent's attack is sent back to him.