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Identify (Passive): Much used by the merchants, this skill grants you the ability to accurately evaluate the properties of items both magical and mundane. Identification happens automatically the moment you want to inspect an item, and your skill level is high enough to identify the type of weapon.

Alchemy (Passive): Grants you the skill of Alchemy, allowing you to successfully combine potions and herbs. As you progress through the game, you will discover more and more ways of combining items with each other. Some items can be combined without knowing the alchemy skills, others require that you have learnt the alchemy skill to a certain degree. To combine items with each other, simple drag one item over the other.

For instance, a small empty flask can be dragged over small red herbs to create a healing potion.

Know Creature (Passive): Know thine enemy. This skill grants you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent. While initially this skill might not look so appealing, it is definitely worth investing in, as it might give you the key insight into how to kill an enemy who seems to be resistant to whatever you do.

True Sight (Passive): Lift the veil of illusions from your eyes and see the world as it truly is. Sometimes enemies make themselves invisible, only to appear again when they attack you. This gives you a definite tactical disadvantage. Armed with true sight, you will be able to spot them while they think they can't be spotted, and turn a losing situation into a winning one.

Blind: Bring darkness to the eyes of your enemies to reduce their effectiveness in combat. To use, make the skill your active skill, and right-click on your enemy.

Skin of Poison: A trick often used by assassins. Coats your body in a poisonous salve bringing damage to any that strike you. Attackers using melee weapons suffer poison damage. To apply poison to your skin, you need to have poison in your inventory.

If you have more than one type of poison in your inventory, you will need to select which poison you want to apply to your skin. Once you've done that, you can keep on applying poison to yourself for as long as you have poison of the type you selected by clicking your right mouse button.

Curse: Curse your enemies and let them suffer your wrath. To use, make the skill your active skill, and right-click on your enemy.

NecroShift: Allows you to possess the body of a slain enemy for a short period of time. To use the skill, make it your active skill and right-click on a dead body. You will take control of the enemy's body, picking up all of his abilities. Your own body becomes soulless and will become inert. To leave the enemy's body, right-click on your own body.