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Path of the Thief
Assassin's Kiss (Passive): Greatly increases the damage done when using the backstabbing ability of a weapon. Only works for items with the backstabbing ability such as daggers.

Lock pick: Locked doors are no longer an obstacle for those with this useful ability. To be able to use the lock pick skill you need to have lock picks in your inventory. To obtain lock picks you will have to explore the world, or trade with merchants. If you have a lock pick in your inventory, make the lock pick skill your active skill, and then right-click. Your mouse cursor will change into a rotating key. Now select the door or container you wish to lock pick, and if your lock pick skills are good enough, the door or container will be opened when you left-click on it. Each lock pick attempt will remove a lock pick from your inventory. To cancel the lock picking, right-click.

Pickpocket: Increases your abilities to relieve others of their wealth or possessions. To steal from a character, make the pickpocket skill your active skill, and right-click. Your mouse cursor will change into a waving hand. Left-click on the character who you want to steal from. If your attempt is successful an inventory window will pop up, just as it would for containers. You can now attempt to steal something from him. Be warned - a character's reactions to stealing can be fierce!

Evade Trap (Passive): Helps you avoid devious traps laid by the hand of your enemies. If you learn the evade trap skills, you will be able to detect and disarm traps. Traps can be detected by moving your mouse cursor slowly over the area you suspect to be trapped. If you successfully detect a trap, the area which is trapped will glow red. Click on the red area to disarm the trap.

Deadly Gift: Create a dangerous trap for your enemies to blunder into. This powerful skill allows you to create your own traps. There are three types of traps available in Divine Divnity: Spider mines, Trail bombs and Death Scorpions. To be able to use any of these traps, you first need to find or buy the corresponding objects in the game. For spider mines, these are little eggs. For trail bombs, it is a small sack containing a highly explosive powder. For death scorpions, you need a small cage containing the scorpion. Once you have acquired any of these objects, selecting the deadly gift skill will pop up a submenu of available traps. Click on any of the icons in the submenu to select a trap as your currently active trap. Now right-click in the world to use your trap. Elven Stamina (Passive) Grants you almost Elven-like abilities, e.g. to run for longer periods.

Embrace Shadows: Allows you to become almost invisible in poorly-lit areas. This is a skill especially favored amongst members of the Thieves Guild. Be aware that this skill will fail in the presence of light. To use, make the skill your active skill, and right-click.

Poison Weapon: Create even more pain for your opponents by applying poison to your weapons. To poison your weapon, you first need to have poison in your inventory. There are different types of poison in Divine Divinity, and if you have more than one poisonous potion, you will need to select which poison you want to apply to your weapon. To apply poison to your weapon, select the poison weapon skill as your active skill, select the poison you wish to use, if applicable, and then right-click again to poison your weapon. Each time you hit an enemy with a poisoned weapon, it will lose some of the poison until eventually there is no poison left. To apply more poison to the weapon, simply rightclick again. You will be able to do this for as long as you have poison in your inventory.