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Walkthrough Summary

The game isn't always good about telling you what you should do next, so we've put together this walkthrough summary to help you out. The early part of the game must be completed in the order shown, but later parts can be done in most any order. The order we're showing is just a suggested order.

Note: This walkthrough summary only contains the quests required to complete the game.

  1. Talk to Simon the messenger and receive a temple summons.
  2. Travel south to Fargrove and learn that the city has been locked up.
  3. Get ambushed by Scorch the goblin and enter the Fargrove sewers.
  4. Fight your way through the sewers and an abandoned theater to reach the interior of Fargrove.
  5. Visit to the Temple of the Circene. Show the temple summons to Seer Paulus and receive the Augustus sanctum key.
  6. Visit Seer Augustus' sanctum and rescue Augustus from a death specter.
  7. Return to the Temple of the Circene and talk to Seer Paulus and the Celestine. Receive the cemetery key.
  8. Enter the Temple Catacombs and retrieve Galdryn's Horn.
  9. Return to the Temple of the Circene and talk to the Celestine.
  10. Visit the Arcane Emporium and talk to Aleister. Receive Aleister's letter.
  11. Visit Davenmor Castle. Show Aleister's letter to the guards outside and inside the castle. Talk to Lord Davenmor. Go upstairs and talk to Chambermaid Sharia.
  12. Optional: Visit the Fargrove tavern and talk to Gileah.
  13. Return to Davenmor Castle (if necessary) and talk to Lord Davenmor. Receive Davenmor's orders.
  14. Show the orders to the west gate guards and leave the city.

  1. Travel to Arindale.
  2. Visit the House of the Tiger and talk to Yoshi Tamaka. Accept the Way of the Tiger quest (it might seem optional, but it's not).
  3. Visit the Arindale inn and talk to Narako Misume in one of the back rooms.
  4. Visit Elvithra's Apothecary shop and talk to Elvithra.
  5. Visit the House Lords and tell the guards that you know what happened to the Argalia armor. Talk to Lord Galebriand.
  6. Go through the Trial of the Ancient Elders.
  7. Talk to Lord Galebriand again. Receive Galebriand's letter.
  8. Travel to Ulm and acquire the Argalia armor.
  9. Optional: While in Ulm, free Vetrian Malvolin from his cell.
  10. Return to Arindale and give the Argalia armor to Lord Galebriand. Receive a magic mirror.
  11. Optional: Return to Elvithra's Apothecary shop and talk to Elvithra. Return to the Arindale inn and talk to Narako Misume. Return to the House of the Tiger and talk to Yoshi Tamaka.
  12. Use the magic mirror to enter Emmindor's Tower. Talk to Emmindor and receive the Ring of Talendor.
  13. Optional: Travel to Lost Lake and kill moonbeasts until one drops a moonstone.
  14. Travel to Talendor and visit the Champer of Spirits. Place Galdryn's Horn on a pedestal and talk to Galdryn's visage.
  15. Return to Emmindor's Tower and talk to Emmindor.

  1. Travel to Bolen Fields and talk to Lord Graemare.
  2. Travel to Fargrove.
  3. Visit Davenmor Castle. Defeat Captain Okatta and free Lord Davenmor.
  4. Visit the Fargrove tavern and talk to Gileah.
  5. Travel to Harrow Ruins and talk to Mara. Receive Mara's letter.
  6. Travel to Skuldoon.
  7. Visit Vartugg's Fortress. Give Mara's letter to Mundruff to be allowed to see Vartugg. Talk to Vartugg and receive an empty vial.

The Relics
  1. Travel to the Forbidden Lands and visit the Naga Temple. Free Valdane and receive Valdane's blood. Defeat the naga queen and receive the robes of regeneration (a relic).
  2. Travel to Skuldoon and talk to Vartugg.
  3. Travel to the Forbidden Lands and talk to Staroxia. Receive the phrase "altor vare rostrum" that will unlock Grymlok's memory.
  4. Travel to the Demigoth Lands and talk to Grymlok. Receive the moon bridge rune code for the Vale of Ruin.
  5. Travel to the Vale of Ruin and place Valdane's blood on the Unholy Arc. Talk to Valkyra and receive the code phrase to enter the Tomb of Souls.
  6. Travel to the Demigoth Lands and visit the Tomb of Souls. Bargain with Voraatus to receive Vartugg's eye.
  7. Travel to the Forbidden Lands and acquire the totem of the tree from Worlgaw.
  8. Travel to the Demigoth Lands and use the totem of the tree to pass by the Guardians of the Forest.
  9. Visit the Isle of the Damned and take a shadow crystal.
  10. Visit the Shadow Ruins. Outside, use the shadow crystal on the altar of shadows to create an entrance into the ruins. Inside, defeat Nauselom and receive the rod of divinity.
  11. Travel to the Vale of Ruin and visit the Draedoth Temple. Defeat Khad and receive the shield of retribution.
  12. Travel to Talendor and visit the Chamber of Spirits. Place the robes of regeneration, the rod of divinity, and the shield of retribution on their pedestals.
  13. Travel to Skuldoon and visit Vartugg's Fortress. Talk to Vartugg. Give him his eye and learn the password "irynthabl."
  14. Travel to the Forbidden Lands. Use the password "irynthabl" to pass by the Council of Stones.
  15. Visit Irynthabl Maze. Defeat Ikrella and free Ellowyn. Receive the ring of protection.

  1. Travel to Talendor and defeat Lord Barrowgrim.
  2. Visit the Chamber of Spirits and place the ring of protection on its pedestal.
  3. Listen to Galdryn and Volgar and get teleported to the demon realm.
  4. Fight your way to Volgar, Galdryn, and Shaduroth.
  5. Defeat Shaduroth and free Galdryn.




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