The Totem of Claw and Fang
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Location: Skaal Village, outside the Greathall, Korst Wind-Eye

1. For this quest, you'll need to visit the Tombs of Skaalara, a rock mound located southeast of the Skaal Village, just inland off the eastern coast of Solstheim and just south of the island you'll see floating off to the east when you get there.

2. Enter the Tombs, take a left, and stay left. The actual tomb is south of the entrance a short way. Find a chest in the tomb with a lock level of 30, open it and take the Totem out. Return now to Korst.

3. Korst rewards you by teaching you the new spell "Summon Wolf." If you're good with conjuration, you might like it. Speak with him about the Ristaag ceremony next.