The Skaal Test of Wisdom
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Location: Skaal Village, The Greathall, Tharsten Heart-Fang

1. Upon completion of the Skaal Test of Loyalty, Heart-Fang will give you one of the best weapons in the game, an enchanted mace. He'll also inform you that you still have not earned their trust. Next is the Skaal Test of Wisdom.

2. This is a simple quest to uncover the truth behind the accusation of one Engar Ice-Mane by one Rigmor Halfhand about some "stolen furs" and judge accordingly.

3. Engar's wife is named Risi, and she's in their hut in the northern end of the village. Go speak with her about the incident. Your journal will update.

4. Next, look around the room. On the first bed next to a pillow is a note. Grab it and read it. It is evidence that Risi has had an affair with Rigmor Halfhand.

5. Confront Risi with the note and she'll explain that the affair had stopped but Rigmor had continued his pursuit.

6. Talk to Rigmor in his hut, and he'll confess and await your sentencing. Escort him to the Greathall to visit Heart-Fang, and then you'll have a choice. You can sentence Halfhand to be eaten by wolves (a more honorable demise in the Skaal tradition), or exiled. Either way, you receive the Helm of the Wolf's Heart.

7. You still have one more test before they'll consider you worthy of Skaal intelligence. (they must have a hard time making friends)