The Skaal Test of Loyalty
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Location: Skaal Village, The Greathall, Tharsten Heart-Fang

1. Like a good leader, Heart-Fang's anticipated your arrival and is right at the back of the Greathall, not on his throne but standing up to greet you. Talk to him about the attack on the Imperial fort, and he'll come back that he can't trust you enough yet to divulge any information. In order to earn his trust, you must restore the power of the Skaal to the land. You've got to find and speak with Korst Wind-Eye in the shaman's hut west of the Great Hall to learn more.

2. Korst plays the shaman role perfectly. He's not overly informative, yet leads you in the right direction. There are six standing stones spread across the island. The Water, Earth, Beast, Tree, Sun and Wind Stones, all rock spires with a symbol on their face. Your job will be to reactivate each of them, in whatever order you wish. To help, he gives you a relatively long story pamphlet and a map. This is the longest quest in the expansion. It will have you traveling all over Solstheim, literally. Therefore, I've divided the mass into six smaller pieces, so just take the appropriate link below this one to whichever stones you still have yet to complete.

3. In each case, your job will be first to look at the map provided by Korst and find whichever stone you wish to activate. In most cases you can easily see the stone from a distance, unless inclement weather is at hand, which unfortunately in Solstheim, is frequent. If you wish, look at this map of Solstheim for the exact locations of the stones. Approach the stone's symbol and attempt to activate it, and you'll be given another clue (roughly the same as you're given in the story pamphlet), and then will have to perform the short quest, return to the stone and activate it. Then move onto the next stone until you've activated them all.

4. One last hint. Read the story. You'll get some of your money's worth out of the expansion, even if you choose to ignore the hints about each of the following quests.

5. Once you've done them all, your journal will update and tell you that you've completed your tasks and tell you to return to the Skaal village.