The Tree Stone
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Location: Skaal Village, The Greathall, Tharsten Heart-Fang

1. Look at the map Korst gave you. The Tree Stone is located southwest of Lake Fjalding, pretty much in between the nearest western river to the Lake and the lake itself. It's in a grassy knoll on a very small hill.

2. Activate the symbol.

3. The clue tells you to find a rickling surrounded by spirits, just northeast of the Tree Stone.

4. Prepare for a fairly tough battle. If you've battled the spriggans before, that resurrect three times each before they're dead, you'll be fighting five of them this time. That's fifteen deaths you'll have to cause, and also to that of the rickling squirt.

5. Head northeast of the Tree Stone until you see a group of spriggans and a rickling runt. It's not very far from the stone. They'll attack you, so dispose of them as you will, and then search the remains of the rickling. Pick up the seeds, and return to the Tree Stone.

6. Activate the symbol, but you're not quite finished. It will want you to plant the seeds nearby, a little to the northwest in a clearing. Begin slowly walking northwest, not far at all, until you get a prompt to plant the seeds. Choose Yes of course, and return to the tree.

7. Activate the symbol.

8. If this is your final stone, return to Heart-Fang in the Greathall.