The Beast Stone
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Location: Skaal Village, The Greathall, Tharsten Heart-Fang

1. Look at the map Korst gave you. The Beast Stone is located just south of the Skaal Village, a shade west on a snowy hill.

2. Activate the symbol.

3. The clue tells you to find the "good beast" south of there, and to remove the arrow from it. (I spent literally an hour searching for the good beast my first play through and he just happened to be in the last place I looked.)

4. Fortunately the beast is easy to get to. Head south and a shade west of the stone to Lake Fjalding, head to the south shore, and now go east. The good beast is a giant white bear, surrounded by a pack of ricklings.

5. This is important. Kill the ricklings that attack the good beast as you approach, but be very careful not to attack the bear itself or it will go aggro on you after the attack. Defeat the ricklings, "activate" the bear, remove the arrow from its "inventory," and your journal will update. Stay there with the bear until it heals... again, your journal will update. It is not too long a wait.

6. Now, the bear will want to follow you back to the stone. Lead it there, and activate the stone.

7. If this is the final stone, return to Heart-Fang in the Greathall.