Bloodmoon Introduction & Advice
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Bloodmoon has a lot in common with its title. It's a tale of chilling campfire stories filled with tribal ritual and death. At times it's the awakening of a frozen land and at others the closing of an eternal eye aimed at the unknowing. Most who read this will have already purchased and perhaps played through the first expansion Tribunal as well as the main quest in Morrowind. It is not necessary to own Tribunal for Bloodmoon, only Morrowind. However, any combination of games will be able to work together in harmony, and travel between the lands is avaiable at any time.

Like the Tribunal general introduction began, a few words on the difficulty of this expansion. It's strongly advised that you attempt the main quest in Bloodmoon only after you've leveled some on the main island and acquired some of the better items. Though in general the size of the main quest is slightly smaller than the one in Tribunal, the wintery island of Solstheim (where it all takes place) is more dangerous and filled with more fighting than either Morrowind or Tribunal. Wild creatures are everywhere, and depending on your difficulty level, they aren't easy.

You'll want to have good stats, skills and a very good weapon for the later parts of the main quest in Bloodmoon, whether it's one from the end of Morrowind, one you receive in Tribunal or one of your own making; the creatures become extremely tough near the end at high difficulty levels - the toughest yet. Though my last character (the one that finished Tribunal) was lost and I would have liked to test the ice of Bloodmoon with him, the level 50 character that came with an earlier version of Bloodmoon was sufficient... yet at difficulty 100 was getting decimated at the end without serious help from potions and buff spells. I'd suggest yours be at least level 30 with unearthly gear to tackle the end parts of the quest, if on a difficulty greater than 0. Level 50 or higher is recommended. While I suggested following a pattern of increasing the difficulty slider in Morrowind, you might consider taking it down to half the suggested difficulty or further while playing on Solstheim.

For the most part Bloodmoon is more hack n' slash and running around than in the confined spaces of Tribunal, if only because of the new overland. You'll fight more groups of monsters, and they'll eventually respawn. It's a good way to gain levels. You'll also find a lot less human inhabitants than in the first expansion pack. Here, you'll mostly be dealing with monsters... bears, wolves, spriggans, rickling raiders (think orcs on pigs), draugrs and more. All new! And you and your computer's polygon pushing power will also be fighting the new weather effects.

Happy adventuring and on with the main quest walkthrough.