The Wind Stone
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Location: Skaal Village, The Greathall, Tharsten Heart-Fang

1. Look at the map Korst gave you. The Wind Stone is located in the center of Solstheim, but a little to the north. It's where the two rivers merge, one from Lake Fjalding and the one to its west. Follow either one until it junctions and then look for the Wind Stone spire.

2. Activate the symbol.

3. The clue tells you to go to Glenshul's Tomb, and let the wind out of the greedy man's bags.

4. Glenshul's Tomb is southeast of Thirsk, the small village below the Skaal Village. The tomb is in a rocky valley of its own. Just head southeast of Thirsk for a little ways, past the snow obstacles until you reach it, then enter.

5. It's a small place filled with bonewolfs and draugrs, not very tough creatures. Head to the clear glass-like coffin with a large bag in front of it. Simply activate the bag and this quest is nearly complete. Your journal updates. Return to the Wind Stone.

6. Activate the symbol.

7. If this is your final stone, return to Heart-Fang in the Greathall.