Trouble at Fort Frostmoth
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Location: Vvardenfell, village of Khuul

1. If you're installing both Tribunal and Bloodmoon, make sure to install Bloodmoon after Tribunal. The isle of Solstheim opens off the northwest coast of Vvardenfell, near Khuul. In fact, that's where you'll want to head to reach the island and learn of the first signs of trouble. You can reach Khuul of course by walking, by taking the Silt Strider from Ald'ruhn among other places, or by boat from remote villages like Gnaar Mok or Dagon Fel. Levitation is always available as well for high-powered characters.

2. Once in Khuul, speak to anyone in the village and ask about "latest rumors." You'll find that there's some trouble at Fort Frostmoth on Solstheim. There are two ways to the island. You can travel by boat from Khuul, from the NPC S'virr at the dock, or swim or levitate. The island is on your map already.

3. You're in like Flynn. Once on frosty Solstheim, speak to Bask-In-The--Sun on the docks and he'll tell you to talk to Captain Falx Carius, who is in his chambers inside the fort. If you ask him about the colony, he'll give you another reference, Carnius Magius of the Imperial Cult there at the fort. So, two possible quest sources. Only the captain though, pertains to the main quest, so we'll focus on him.

4. Walk on up to the fort, take a left after the entrance and go into the first door, which is the General Quarters. Take the south stairway straight ahead up three flights to Carius' room, and then speak with him.