Bookish, nervous, but frighteningly capable when backed into a corner. Not the adventuring type, but as dangerous as the game of intrigue can be, it is still preferable to a life spent caged by the templars. Sketch knows when to shut up, and prefers to.

How to Recruit: When you begin the Leliana's Song DLC, Sketch will already be a member of your party.

Gifts of Special Significance: Since there is only one gift available in Leliana's Song, the only way you can increase your approval rating with Sketch is to present him with Tug's Edge.

Equipment: Sketch's Split-Shaft, Chanter Robes, and Enchanter's Footing.

Starting Attributes (at Level 10)

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14
Willpower: 23
Magic: 28
Cunning: 14
Constitution: 13

Starting Talents (at Level 10)

Mage: Arcane Bolt
Primal: Flame Blast, Lightning
Creation: Heal, Heroic Offense