Oghren of House Kondrat was once a promising member of the Warrior Caste. His house was not especially high-ranked, but many of its members, Oghren included, had won notable victories in the Provings and were considered to be rising in prestige. When a Smith Caste family with plenty of money but no political connections offered their daughter in marriage, his family accepted the match. And then everything changed.

His wife, Branka, was named a Paragon for her achievements. All of House Kondrat joined her newly-made noble House Branka... and vanished with her into the Deep Roads.

As time passed and it became more and more clear that Oghren had been abandoned, he became the butt of jokes throughout Orzammar. He took to drink, which didn't especially help. Drunk and humiliated, he challenged another warrior to a Proving over an insult and killed him. The match was meant to be fought to first-blood. As a punishment, he was stripped of his house and barred from bearing arms: The only fate worse for a warrior than exile.

How to Recruit: The sod-spewing dwarf will offer to join your party before you head into the Deep Roads from Orzammar Commons. You must side with Harrowmont or Bhelen before you can enter the Deep Roads, though.

Gifts of Special Significance: To substantially increase your approval rating with Oghren, you can present him with an Alley King's Flagon, a Chasind Sack Mead, a Garblog's Backcountry Reserve, a Golden Scythe 4-90 Black, a Legacy White Shear, a Sun Blonde Vint-1, or the Beard Flask.

Equipment: Battleaxe, One for the Ditch, Dwarven Heavy Gloves, Dwarven Heavy Boots, and Dwarven Heavy Armor.

Starting Attributes (at Level 12)

Strength: 30
Dexterity: 17
Willpower: 20
Magic: 14
Cunning: 15
Constitution: 16

Starting Talents (at Level 12)

Warrior: Powerful, Threaten, Bravery, Death Blow
Two-Handed: Pommel Strike, Indomitable, Stunning Blows, Sunder Arms, Shattering Blows, Sunder Armor, Mighty Blow
Berserker: Berserk, Resilience, Constraint

Companion Notes

Oghren will teach you the Berserker specialization if you gain enough approval with him.
As your approval rating with Oghren increases, he will gain additional constitution via four "Inspired" skills.