Mabari War Dog
Dogs are an essential part of Ferelden culture, and no dog is more prized than the Mabari. The breed is as old as myth: Said to have been bred from the wolves who served the legendary hero, Dane. Prized for their intelligence and loyalty, these dogs are more than mere weapons or status symbols: The hounds choose their masters, and pair with them for life. To be the master of a Mabari anywhere in Ferelden is to be recognized instantly as a person of worth.

The Mabari are an essential part of Ferelden military strategy. Trained hounds can easily pull knights from horseback or break lines of pike men, and the sight and sound of a wave of war dogs, howling and snarling, has been known to cause panic among even the most hardened infantry soldiers.

How to Recruit: Shortly after beginning the Human Noble origin, you'll acquire the hound after finishing the "Mischief in the Larder" side quest for Nan. If you choose a different origin, then you'll have to finish The Mabari Hound quest for the Kennel Master in Ostagar to recruit him. Even then, you won't actually pick him up until you're traveling across the world map to Lothering.

Gifts of Special Significance: To show your appreciation to man's best friend, you can present your Mabari War Dog with a Beef Bone, a Lamb Bone, a Large Bone, an Ox Bone, a Veal Bone, or a Stick.

Equipment: Worn Studded Braid.

Starting Attributes (at Level 7)

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 21
Willpower: 14
Magic: 10
Cunning: 10
Constitution: 16

Starting Talents (at Level 7)

Dog: Growl

Companion Notes

There are quite a few "landmarks" in the game where your Mabari War Dog can stake his claim by doing what dogs do best - urinating. Once the hound has marked his territory, his attack and defense ratings are given a boost whenever you're traveling in the zone. Here's a list of all the landmarks we were able to find:

- Ostagar - Landmark Woodpile
- Lothering - Landmark Tree
- Brecilian Outskirts (Dalish Camp) - Landmark Tent
- West Brecilian Forest - Landmark Tree
- East Brecilian Forest - Landmark Tent
- Lake Calenhad Docks - Landmark Boat
- Redcliffe Village - Landmark Tree
- Redcliffe Castle (Courtyard) - Landmark Tree
- Denerim Market District - Landmark Wagon
- Denerim Elven Alienage - Landmark Tree
- Denerim Market District (Final Battle) - Landmark Wagon
- Denerim Elven Alienage (Final Battle) - Landmark Tree