Jerrik Dace
House Dace has been a prominent dwarven house for centuries, and the current generation speaks well of its future prospects. Jerrik Dace, nephew of the Dace patriarch Anwer, has a growing reputation for getting difficult tasks done. An elite veteran of many Deep Roads expeditions, Jerrik has survived The Battle of Umgol Hale, The Last Stand of Paerin Aeducan, and was pivotal in the recent campaign that pushed the darkspawn from Orzammar's mining tunnels out past Caridin’s Cross.

Jerrik Dace favors fighting with longsword and dagger. Piotin Aeducan calls Jerrik a stalwart ally and implacable foe, adding that "you’d be wise to make sure he's the former.” Dace is always accompanied by Snug, the faithful bronto that he nursed back to health on his first military campaign. Snug is fiercely loyal, surprisingly intelligent, and rarely leaves his master's side.

Rumors persist that when Anwer Dace dies, House Dace may support Jerrik over Anwer’s son, Mandar. Certainly, the two cousins are bitter rivals, having fought multiple times in the arena with Jerrik always emerging victorious. This rivalry may be connected to several assassination attempts on Jerrik, from which he survived with apparent ease.

Recently, Jerrik Dace sought the aid of the Grey Wardens on an urgent matter. All he would tell others is that he’s mounting a small, nimble expedition to find his missing brother, Brogan, who is lost in the Deep Roads. Some say he’s in fact mounting an expedition to find the fabled halls of Amgarrak, but few believe such an outlandish notion.

How to Recruit: When you begin The Golems of Amgarrak DLC, Jerrik will already be a member of your party.

Equipment: Dumat's Spine, Dumat's Claw, Fencer's Pinch, The High Regard of House Dace, Ring of Resistance, Ring of the Warrior, Quicksilver Arming Cap, Pushback Strikers, Vest of the Nimble, and Silverhammer's Tackmasters.

Starting Attributes (at Level 20)

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 32
Willpower: 14
Magic: 14
Cunning: 22
Constitution: 18

Starting Talents (at Level 20)

Rogue: Dirty Fighting, Combat Movement, Coup De Grace, Below the Belt, Deadly Strike, Lethality, Deft Hands, Improved Tools, Mechanical Expertise, Device Mastery
Duelist: Dueling, Upset Balance, Keen Defense, Pinpoint Strike
Dual Weapon: Dual-Weapon Training, Dual-Weapon Finesse, Dual-Weapon Expert, Dual Striking, Riposte, Dual-Weapon Sweep, Flurry, Momentum