Silas Corthwaite
Having been hopelessly locked up in Commander Harwen Raleigh's dungeon for poaching game, Silas is very grateful for your help in escaping his confinement. As a former soldier, Silas turns out to be a formidable warrior and stands ready to take on both the Commander and Marjolaine for what she's done to Leliana.

How to Recruit: After Marjolaine's betrayal, you'll wind up freeing Silas from Raleigh's dungeon and he'll immediately join your cause.

Equipment: Commoner Clothing initially, then Favor of the White, Long Road Soles, and The Initiate's Blessing after you leave the Chantry.

Starting Attributes (at Level 15)

Strength: 32
Dexterity: 29
Willpower: 25
Magic: 11
Cunning: 11
Constitution: 13

Starting Talents (at Level 15)

Warrior: Powerful, Precise Striking, Taunt, Disengage
Weapon and Shield: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Shield Block, Shield Cover, Shield Tactics