Mabari War Dog (Witch Hunt)
Dogs are an essential part of Ferelden culture, and no dog is more prized than the Mabari. The breed is as old as myth: Said to have been bred from the wolves who served the legendary hero, Dane. Prized for their intelligence and loyalty, these dogs are more than mere weapons or status symbols: The hounds choose their masters, and pair with them for life. To be the master of a Mabari anywhere in Ferelden is to be recognized instantly as a person of worth.

The Mabari are an essential part of Ferelden military strategy. Trained hounds can easily pull knights from horseback or break lines of pike men, and the sight and sound of a wave of war dogs, howling and snarling, has been known to cause panic among even the most hardened infantry soldiers.

How to Recruit: When you begin the Witch Hunt DLC, you'll already be traveling with the Mabari War Dog.

Equipment: Kaddis of the Lady of the Skies and Pure Bitch Braid.

Starting Attributes (at Level 20)

Strength: 38
Dexterity: 34
Willpower: 24
Magic: 10
Cunning: 10
Constitution: 16

Starting Talents (at Level 20)

Warrior: Powerful, Precise Striking
Dog: Growl, Dread Howl, Combat Training, Overwhelm, Fortitude, Charge

Companion Notes

There are a handful of new "landmarks" in the Witch Hunt DLC that will allow your Mabari War Dog to relieve himself for a dominance bonus:

- Circle Tower (Basement) - Landmark Device
- Cadash Thaig - Landmark Stone
- Elven Ruins - Landmark Corpse
- Dragonbone Wastes - Landmark Skull