Download The Stone Prisoner and gain access to Shale, a mighty stone golem who can join the party and travel throughout Dragon Age: Origins. One of the most powerful characters in the game, Shale comes with a rich back story, extensive voice acting, and a unique follower quest to explore. The Stone Prisoner also includes new environments, items, and hours of additional gameplay that adds to the Dragon Age: Origins campaign.

How to Recruit: With The Stone Prisoner DLC installed, you'll discover Shale in the Village of Honnleath. Activate him using the golem control rod and the proper command phrase (Dulen Harn), and the portable battering ram will join your party.

Gifts of Special Significance: To substantially increase your approval rating with Shale, you can present him with a Remarkable Amethyst, a Remarkable Diamond, a Remarkable Emerald, a Remarkable Garnet, a Remarkable Greenstone, a Remarkable Malachite, a Remarkable Ruby, a Remarkable Sapphire, a Remarkable Topaz, or the Pet Rock.

Equipment: Large Chipped Spirit Crystal.

Starting Attributes (at Level 8)

Strength: 24
Dexterity: 13
Willpower: 10
Magic: 10
Cunning: 10
Constitution: 29

Starting Talents (at Level 8)

Warrior: Powerful, Threaten, Precise Striking, Taunt
Shale: Pulverizing Blows, Slam, Quake, Stoneheart, Bellow, Rock Mastery

Companion Notes

As your approval rating with Shale increases, she will gain additional strength via four "Inspired" skills.