Alistair is among the youngest of the Grey Wardens, recruited by Duncan less than six months before the Blight began. He was raised in Redcliffe Castle after his mother's death, then turned over to the Chantry for religious instruction, where he began the martial training necessary to become a templar, the military order of the Chantry, dedicated to watching over the Circle of Magi and hunting down dangerous apostates.

Alistair, however, was ill suited to a life of religious devotion: He is irreverent at the best of times, often at odds with more serious minded teachers. When the Wardens found him, Alistair had not yet taken his vows and was desperately unhappy. Sensing a good and loyal heart, Duncan invoked the Right of Conscription to force the Chantry to release Alistair to the Grey Wardens. Alistair has not looked back.

How to Recruit: Alistair originally accompanies you into The Korcari Wilds, and then rejoins you permanently when you leave to light the beacon atop the Tower of Ishal. He will stay with you as long as you don't recruit Loghain into the Grey Wardens.

Gifts of Special Significance: To substantially increase your approval rating with Alistair, you can present him with Alistair's Mother's Amulet, a Black Runestone, Duncan's Shield, an Onyx Demon Statuette, a Small Carved Statuette, a Stone Dragon Statuette, a White Runestone, or the Grey Warden Hand Puppet.

Equipment: Warden's Longsword, Templar Shield, Runic Worry Token, Splintmail, Splintmail Gloves, and Splintmail Boots.

Starting Attributes (at Level 4)

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 17
Willpower: 15
Magic: 12
Cunning: 11
Constitution: 13

Starting Talents (at Level 4)

Warrior: Powerful
Weapon and Shield: Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Shield Block, Shield Cover
Templar: Righteous Strike

Companion Notes

• Alistair will teach you the Templar specialization if you gain enough approval with him.
• As your approval rating with Alistair increases, he will gain additional constitution via four "Inspired" skills.