Neptune's Bounty Walkthrough
Neptune's Bounty

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1 - Arrival

Andrew Ryan's little stunt to keep you out of Neptune's Bounty failed, because here you are. Step out of the bathysphere and Atlas will speculate about what drove Ryan to turn Rapture upside down before telling you to head to Fontaine Fisheries, where his family awaits aboard a submarine. Grab the Machine Gun and 00 Buck next to the crucified smuggler and let's get started.

2 - Vita-Chamber, Circus of Values, and Gene Bank

Along with the Vita-Chamber and Circus of Value vending machine you're already familiar with, you'll come across your first Gene Bank here. This nifty device will grant you access to any plasmids or tonics you've found during your journey and were forced to tuck away due to a lack of available slots. This would be a good time to switch your plasmids around, if you don't like your current combination. If you purchased Enrage at the Gatherer's Garden in the Medical Pavilion, you may want to give that a whirl. Otherwise, you really can't go wrong with Electro Bolt and Telekinesis.

3 - Spider Splicer

The shadow of a Spider Splicer is all you'll see before she mutters "What crawls in my garden?" and jumps up to a hole in the ceiling above. Rose petals will drop, which you'll find is a visual clue for when she's moving around above you. Search the corpse on the ground, then grab the extra Machine Gun and First Aid Kit before continuing toward the south.

4 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

Your second combat encounter with a Little Sister will most likely occur here, only this time she's protected by a different Big Daddy variant called a Rosie. This version of the Big Daddy is armed with a Rivet Gun and Proximity Grenades, so simply keeping your distance won't necessarily keep you alive this time. You're going to have to use the environment effectively and do some quick dodging when taking on one of these baddies.

Once the Big Daddy is slain, you're free to harvest or rescue the Little Sister as before. If this is the third Little Sister you've saved, then Tenenbaum will come across your shortwave radio and thank you for being kind to her "little ones." She tells you to expect a gift, which will show up when you reach the Gatherer's Garden to the west.

5 - Medical Expert Tonic

Lodged in the mud here is the Medical Expert physical tonic, along with a First Aid Kit.

6 - Audio Diary #20

Half-buried in the mud here is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Bathysphere Keys" and is narrated by Sullivan.

7 - RPG Turret

This turret will start firing rocket propelled grenades at you as soon as you reach the outskirts of Fontaine Fisheries. Put it out of commission by blasting it, hacking it, or trying something tricky like reversing the direction of its rockets with Telekinesis.

8 - Gatherer's Garden

If you've exorcised three Little Sisters up to this point, then you'll catch one of them leaving you a teddy bear stuffed with useful items as a gift in front of this Gatherer's Garden station. Inside you'll find two hundred Adam, the Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmid, and twelve Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds.

You probably don't have any room for your new plasmid, so feel free to buy another plasmid slot from the vending machine if you can afford it. You may want to consider the Target Dummy and Winter Blast plasmids too, just for something different.

9 - Disabled Security Bot

Jump down to this area, destroy or hack the security camera, then hack the disabled security bot next to the bloodied corpse for some extra firepower at your side. There's also a Machine Gun to pick up here, if you need it.

10 - Tortured Smuggler and Audio Diary #21

Check the lower area beneath the walkway to find some poor sap still getting cooked with electricity. Hack or type "5380" into the keypad (this code is revealed in the "Picked Up Timmy H." audio diary), then head inside the cage. Lying on the floor at the smuggler's feet is an audio diary labeled "Timmy H. Interrogation," narrated by Sullivan. The diary paints a pretty good picture of what led to Timmy's demise. Before leaving, grab the First Aid Kit and check the corpse for some Exploding Buck and Armor-Piercing Pistol Rounds.

11 - Fontaine Fisheries Entrance

A secured door bars the way into Fontaine Fisheries. Pound on the door with your Wrench and an old fella' named Peach Wilkins will answer it. In order to get an "invite" to Fontaine Fisheries, Mr. Wilkins wants you to reach the Wharf Master's Office and retrieve a Research Camera for him. Before he can tell you more, rose petals begin falling from the ceiling and he declares that you're now "fucked." Turn around and you'll come face-to-face with the Spider Splicer from area #3.

Lucky for you, you don't actually have to kill her. Simply run around and dodge her blades and your new buddy Peach will send in a security bot after her in a short while. This will drive her back up into the hole in the ceiling. To keep you alive while you fetch the camera, Peach sends out a Grenade Launcher for you. Nice!

Before running off to the Wharf Master's Office, use Telekinesis (if you have it assigned to a slot) to pull down the bodies hanging from the pipes in the Spider Splicer's escape hole above. One of them has a few rounds of Exploding Buck and a First Aid Kit.

When you've taken all three photos for Mr. Wilkins, return here and pound on the door with your Wrench again. The old coot says he's going to put on some coffee, after which Atlas comes over your radio to give you some good advice ("Old Peachy seems about as straight as a dog's hind leg...").

12 - Audio Diary #22

Down below the grating, you'll uncover another audio diary. This one is labeled "Fontaine Must Go" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan. There are also a few goodies on the buried corpse to the west.

13 - Audio Diary #23

Atop this table, you'll find another audio diary. This one is labeled "Finding The Sea Slug" and is narrated by Tenenbaum.

14 - Big Daddy and Little Sister

You'll have to take down a second Rosie if you want to take advantage of yet another of Rapture's little orphans. Now that you've obtained the Grenade Launcher, you at least have more firepower at your disposal. Make use of either your Frag Grenades or Proximity Mines to breach the Big Daddy's suit and cause significant damage. You may also want to hack the RPG turret at area #16 for some extra help.

It's worth mentioning here that the third Big Daddy and Little Sister team here in Neptune's Bounty appears to be random. If you simply walk around the level for awhile, you should run across them soon enough. You may even find them in this very same spot.

15 - Audio Diaries #24 and #25

There are two more audio diaries to grab while you're here. Search the corpse to find "Picked Up Timmy H." by Sullivan and check the floor underneath the Little Sister vent to find "Masha Come Home" by Mariska Lutz. Both of these audio diaries feature codes for keypads you'll most likely want to get past.

16 - RPG Turret

To make the Rosie battle at area #14 a little easier, it would be a good idea to hack this turret before firing your first shot at the Big Daddy.

17 - Audio Diary #26

Lying next to the Circus of Values vending machine is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Watch Fontaine" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

18 - Vita-Chamber and Security Camera

You'll have to make it past the security camera at the top of the stairs before you get a glimpse of the Vita-Chamber around the corner and can continue moving to the east. If you get spotted, there's a Bot Shutdown Panel at the base of the stairs. For $20, you can instantly deactivate the alarm and then hack the disabled bots. Quite a deal.

19 - Security Camera

A second security camera patrols this section of hallway. When you've hacked or disabled it, grab the three Frag Grenades lying behind the nearby paneling.

20 - Wharf Master's Office

The Wharf Master's office is heavily fortified. There are four turrets you have to deal with - two with machine guns and two with RPGs. Use Telekinesis or Electro Bolt to destroy or hack them before you wind up taking too much damage.

Additionally, there's a security camera mounted along the south wall. Once you've hacked or destroyed it, search the Big Daddy corpse in the east cell for some extra cash and ammunition. There are also a couple rolls of Bandages in the west cell and some First Aid Kits and a Proximity Mine in a broken area of the west wall.

21 - Security Camera

After crawling through the ventilation shaft, you'll have yet another security camera to deal with.

22 - Weaponry, Safe, and Audio Diary #27

A Grenade Launcher and two Machine Guns lie on the floor here, right next to a safe containing three Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds, two Heat-Seeking RPGs, and twenty-three Dollars.

Additionally, lying on the desk is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Have My Badge" and is narrated by Sullivan.

23 - Vita-Chamber

You'll find another one of Rapture's resuscitative wonders next to this room's Gene Bank. On your way back after retrieving the camera, an explosion will have taken out the south wall, which allows you direct access to the previously inaccessible lower section of the Upper Wharf.

24 - Research Camera

Your destination has been reached. Lying on Sullivan's desk is the Research Camera. This "weapon" looks "just like what you'd see topside," as Atlas puts it. As long as you have some Film, you can take pictures of Rapture's various enemies in order to research their weaknesses.

Go ahead and give it a try by snapping a photo of the Spider Splicer pacing the room next door. This should get you to Research Level 1, which increases your damage against all future Spider Splicers you encounter. Keep in mind that Peach Wilkins needs three (unique) pictures of Spider Splicers, so you're going to have to put yourself in harm's way a couple more times before returning to the Fontaine Fisheries entrance.

25 - Security Bullseye Plasmid

Once you have the Research Camera from area #24, an explosion will open up the wall and allow you to drop down to a ledge here. Sitting on the ledge is the Security Bullseye plasmid, along with a Shotgun and some 00 Buck on the lower ledge to your right.

Give the new plasmid a tryout by throwing one of the globules down at the Splicer jumping in front of the security camera next to the El Ammo Bandito! vending machine. He won't last long.

26 - Audio Diary #28

Lying in this smuggler's crate is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Adam Discovery" and is narrated by Tenenbaum.

27 - Audio Diary #29

Resting next to these damaged pipes is another audio diary. This one is labeled "Eden Leaking" and is narrated by McDonagh.

28 - Security Camera and Audio Diary #30

This oscillating camera provides the perfect opportunity for a research photo. Just make sure you still have enough film left afterward to snag the last couple of Spider Splicer pictures.

Hack or disable the camera once you have your photo, then grab the audio diary lying on the bench below it. This one is labeled "Fontaine's Smugglers" and is narrated by Tenenbaum.

29 - Audio Diary #31

Left upon this table is yet another audio diary. This one is labeled "Death Penalty In Rapture" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

Once you have the diary, you may want to purchase a roll or two of Film from the nearby Circus of Values vending machine.

30 - Spider Splicer and Security Camera

Here's your chance to get another one of Peach's Spider Splicer photos. Once you've taken the picture, tag it with Security Bullseye and let the security camera in the southwest corner finish the mutant off for you. If you're taking too much damage trying to snap pictures, remember that you can use the camera on corpses as well. It's not worth as many research points, but it'll work for your current goal.

Once you've dealt with the Splicer and security camera, check the rest of the mailroom for some goodies and a roll of Film.

31 - Spider Splicer and Vita-Chamber

Get your camera ready! There's a Spider Splicer on the other side of this door, but it will leap up through a hole in the ceiling a second or two after you enter the room. There will most likely be other Splicers for you to deal with here, but luckily there's a Vita-Chamber in the southeast corner in case you die.

When the coast is clear, use your Telekinesis plasmid to pull the bodies down from the ceiling hole. There's some good ammunition to be looted!

32 - Audio Diary #32

An audio diary can be found in the water just inside this ventilation shaft. This one is labeled "Meeting Ryan" and is narrated by McDonagh.

33 - Security Camera

Along with a couple of Leadhead Splicers, you'll have to get past a security camera in this flooded room. Security Bullseye might be a good idea here, if you have it assigned.

As a side note, make sure you're taking pictures of the Leadhead Splicers you encounter. When you reach Research Level 2, you'll gain access to the very useful Scrounger physical tonic.

34 - Audio Diary #33

The audio diary sitting on the desk is labeled "Rapture Changing" and is narrated by McDonagh. There should also be a roll of Film in one of the protruding drawers. For a glimpse of a Big Daddy in action, wait a few moments and you should catch one walking past the window to the east.

35 - Machine Gun Turret and Safe

Behind the crates in the southern chamber is a ventilation shaft leading into this small room (the blood trail is a clue!). Hack or destroy the machine gun turret that defends it, then grab the Frag Grenades scattered about and hack the safe for an Automatic Hack Tool, four Proximity Mines, and three Electric Buck.

36 - Malfunctioning Door

Direct your Electro Bolt plasmid at the short-circuiting panel to reach the main bar section of the Fighting McDonagh.

37 - Audio Diary #34

Take out the Leadhead Splicers hanging out near the bar, then check this table for another audio diary. This one is labeled "Smuggling Ring" and is narrated by Sullivan.

38 - Audio Diary #35

A second audio diary can be found on one of the Fighting McDonagh tables. This one is labeled "Working Late Again" and is narrated by Andrew Ryan.

39 - Spider Splicer

If you haven't snapped your third Spider Splicer research photo yet, then have your camera ready when you enter this back room. Be careful, though, as he'll jump up through the ceiling and try to flank you from the hallway.

40 - Safe

Snatch the Shotgun, EVE Hypo, and ammunition on the floor, then hack the safe for forty-five Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds, three Electric Buck, and another EVE Hypo.

41 - Audio Diary #36

Once you've made it past the malfunctioning door with Electro Bolt, you'll find another audio diary under the bed next to a handcuffed corpse. This one is labeled "Arresting Fontaine" and is narrated by McDonagh.

42 - Audio Diary #37 and Shorten Alarms Tonic

Using the code you learned from the "Masha Come Home" diary (7533) or your hacking skills, you'll gain access to Mariska and her husband Sam's suite (parents to Masha, the original Little Sister). The two have long been dead, but there's another audio diary lying on the bed next to them (and a picture of Masha). This one is labeled "Saw Masha Today" and is narrated by Mariska Lutz.

When you're done listening to the audio diary, the TV will short out and the picture on the back wall will fall to the floor. This will reveal a small alcove containing the Shorten Alarms engineering tonic.

43 - Spider Splicer and Wrench Lurker Tonic

Once you've snapped three photos of Spider Splicers and have come back to rendezvous with Peach Wilkins once again, a much more powerful Spider Splicer will attempt to impede your progress here. With the bonuses you've earned from research and the weapons and plasmids at your disposal, you shouldn't have too much difficulty with her. Just try to avoid running around too much or you'll end up getting spotted by other Splicers in the vicinity.

After filling her full of lead (and grabbing the two Automatic Hack Tools and other loot from her corpse), check the walkway to find a newly placed Wrench Lurker combat tonic.

44 - Fontaine Fisheries Transition Area

Peach doesn't want you entering the freezer area with any weapons, so he demands that you leave them all in the nearby pneumatic tube. You don't have much choice, but as Atlas puts it, "he can't very well take your plasmids away now, can he?"

Use the Gene Bank in this area to assign the Incinerate! plasmid (if it isn't already), then use it to melt the ice surrounding the Focused Hacker engineering tonic and EVE Hypo. You'll be melting a lot more ice in the freezer area, so keep Icinerate! at the ready.

45 - Ambush!

When you enter this main chamber, a mist fall from the ceiling obscuring your vision and Peach Wilkins will come across your radio to accuse you of working for Fontaine. You'll then be ambushed by the Molotov Cocktail-wielding Peach himself, along with a couple of Splicers. Enrage works great here to pit the opponents against themselves or you can try tossing some of the explosive barrels around with Telekinesis. Be careful of the security camera along the east wall and the machine gun turret toward the north. When Peach finally dies, you can grab some money, a couple of EVE Hypos, and an Automatic Hack Tool from his corpse.

46 - Cash Stash

After melting the ice blocking the ventilation shaft from the north, you can access this room to grab a bunch of cash and an Automatic Hack Tool hidden beneath a couple more piles of ice.

47 - Pneumatic Tube

Activate this pneumatic tube to retrieve all your previously confiscated weapons.

48 - Power to the People

Now that you've obtained a couple more weapons, this Power to the People station features some additional weapon upgrades. Personally, I think the Shotgun Rate of Fire is a good choice at this point in the game.

49 - Safe and Audio Diary #38

Hack the safe in this back room for four Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds, three Electric Buck, and an Automatic Hack Tool, then grab the audio diary lying on the smuggler's crate to your right. This one is labeled "Putting The Screws On" and is narrated by Peach Wilkins.

50 - Exit

After watching a ghostly F-bomb-laden exchange, you can melt the ice here and continue down the western path to reach the Smugglers' Hideout.