Can't find what you need at the Circus of Values machine? Is that El Ammo Bandito! machine out of order? Pay a visit to a U-Invent station! With the right components, you can build yourself a multitude of wondrous items with many household and combat uses.

Each component listed below is shown with its quantity requirement listed in parentheses. If the U-Invent station has been hacked, reduce this number by 1. If you have the Clever Inventor tonic, you can once again reduce this number by 1. No component can ever drop below a quantity requirement of 1, though.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds x6
These .38 caliber bullets are specially designed to neutralize non-armored targets like Splicers.
Components Required: Rubber Hose (2), Shell Casing (3), Steel Screw (1)

Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds Armor-Piercing Auto Rounds x20
These .45 caliber bullets are particularly effective against metal or armored targets, like turrets, security bots, and all variations of the Big Daddy.
Components Required: Kerosene (2), Shell Casing (3), Brass Tube (1)

Automatic Hack Tool Automatic Hack Tool x1
These devices allow even the most unskilled of hackers to penetrate an electronic device's security with ease.
Components Required: Rubber Hose (4), Battery (4), Brass Tube (1)

Bloodlust Bloodlust x1
Restores a small amount of health and EVE each time you inflict damage with the Wrench.
Components Required: Glue (5), Enzyme Sample (4), Empty Hypo (3)

Booze Hound Booze Hound x1
Consuming alcohol restores a small amount of EVE rather than siphoning it.
Components Required: Glue (5), Enzyme Sample (4), Empty Hypo (3)

Electric Gel Electric Gel x25
Electric Gel deals electricity damage to targets, and may send them into shocked convulsions. It is also good for temporarily disabling machines.
Components Required: Distilled Water (3), Battery (2), Alcohol (1)

Exploding Buck Exploding Buck x3
This powerful buckshot explodes on contact with a target, dealing extra damage and sometimes setting them on fire. A personal favorite.
Components Required: Kerosene (3), Shell Casing (2), Steel Screw (1)

Hacker's Delight 2 Hacker's Delight 2 x1
Restores a moderate amount of health and EVE every time you successfully hack a device.
Components Required: Alcohol (5), Enzyme Sample (4), Empty Hypo (3)

Heat-Seeking RPG Heat-Seeking RPG x2
These homing missiles are the perfect solution for moving targets, delivering a devastating payload even around corners! Adult supervision recommended.
Components Required: Distilled Water (3), Kerosene (2), Brass Tube (1)

Lazarus Vector Lazarus Vector x1
Julie Langford discovered a means to restore Rapture's plantlife before her untimely demise - the Lazarus Vector.
Components Required: Chlorophyll Solution (7), Distilled Water (7), Enzyme Sample (7)

Trap Bolt Trap Bolt x6
These ingenious bolts shoot out an electrified tripwire when fired into a wall. A potent defensive tool and great party gag!
Components Required: Battery (2), Glue (3), Alcohol (1)